Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC

The Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC is a rugged area-imaging scanner for sterile and hygiene-sensitive applications.

  • Disinfectant-ready enclosure incorporating antimicrobial additives
  • Complis with the JIS Z2801: 2000 standard
  • Ruggedized over-mold design to withstand multiple drops to concrete from 2 metres
  • Built with the latest Bluetooth v4.0 wireless technology
  • Over 100 metres communication range while working with smart cradle
  • Plug-and-play cordless migration by working with smart cradle
  • Supports multiple connections – up to 7 scanners in PICO mode
  • Supports both HID and SPP profiles
  • Works with Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Memory storage of over 100,000 EAN-13 scans for batch scanning
  • Read most popular 1D, 2D barcodes and postal codes omni-directionally
  • Digital image capture capability
  • Superior readability on barcodes printed on reflective surfaces
  • Built-in vibrator is ideal for both noisy and quiet environments


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Society is more germ-conscious than ever. It’s a trend to use devices incorporated anti-microbial materials for some specific environments to minimize the risk of spreading infectious micro-organisms and other bacteria. We have listened and understood our clients’ demand for a barcode scanner to work where infection control is critical. The newly developed antimicrobial Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC 2D Bluetooth scanner is built with a disinfectant-ready housing. It is loaded with the features needed for outstanding reading performance and mobility in hygiene-sensitive environments.

Incorporates antimicrobial additives
The housings of the antimicrobial Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC 2D Bluetooth scanner and cradle are infused with a silver inorganic antimicrobial agent which will not wear off during its lifetime. This provides a formidable layer of protection against the multiplication and spread of potentially harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and microbes on the scanner plastic enclosure surface.

Disinfectant-Ready enclosures
The antimicrobial Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC 2D Bluetooth scanner and cradle are designed with a disinfectant-ready housing, which allows the plastic to be cleaned or wiped-down with commonly-used cleaning solutions in healthcare environments without harming the housing or the sensitive scanning components inside.

Solution for hygiene-sensitive environments
The Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC 2D Bluetooth scanner can serve a wide range of specific applications where hygiene control is paramount and high-level safety is vital, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industries, medical laboratories and other sterile environments.

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