Repairs & Return

Repairs & Return

Repair Return Form

While we do everything we can to make sure your product is operating at the standards you expect for as long as possible, sometimes things do go wrong. And for us to be able to repair and return your item(s) so that the time you are separated from it is kept to the absolute minimum, we will need all the information we can get.

So please click on the button below to open or download it (depending on your browser settings). Open the form, fill it in with as much detail as possible, print it out, and send it along with your goods to us. It’d also be helpful if you could email the form to so that we know your product is being returned for repair.

We find that the post office is generally pretty good with mail sent to us, but for peace of mind, you should consider using registered post or some other form of traceable delivery.

Our address is on the Repair form, otherwise please visit our Contact Us page for more contact details.

Just click on the button on the right to download a form.

Standard Repair Return Form

CipherLab Comprehensive Warranty Repair Return Form