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zapMYstock is more than an advanced stocktake tool. zapMYstock is able to provide instant information on each of your stock items, by just scanning the item barcode. The description, cost, location, quantity on-hand, and other important data is presented on the screen of the hand-held Android or iOS terminal. zapMYstock is available for users of MYOB as well as being able to work with a range of databases that can exchange standard CSV text files. zapMYstock is packaged with a powerful tool which allows you to print barcodes for all your items using a standard laser or inkjet printer, so that when it comes time to do a stocktake, what used to be a slow and labour intensive process will become a cinch.


  • zapMYstock combines the power of stock look-up with advanced stocktake features
  • Confirm stock location and quantity wirelessly through your WiFi network
  • Update on-hand quantities quickly while on the shop floor, stockroom or warehouse
  • Check prices on your stock – by updating the lookup file, all the employees can have instant access to the latest pricing for all your items
  • Allows you to count items that are not listed in your database, so you can still record orphan stock.
  • Supports Serial or Lot Numbers, part numbers and locations.
  • Output record is easily integrated with most business applications or just use the data in an Excel spreadsheet for easy analysis and manipulation
  • Supports multiple scanners and counts can be aggregated or kept as separate entries depending on your requirements.
  • Free download to test with your existing Android or iOS device

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    The zapMYstock Solution

    Stocktake is a necessary part of any business. An important process to maximise loss prevention and to compare the level of stock on hand with the stock on record. But do you find all of your staff suddenly asking for annual leave when this dreaded time rolls around?

    Regardless if you are using an accounting or business software package to run your business, a full featured ERP or even just simple spreadsheet software. Whichever way you work, let us take some of the stress out of your stocktake withzapMYstock.

    zapMYstock uses barcodes, a portable barcode scanner and a simple, user-friendly interface to count your stock, reducing the time and effort you’ll expend with this essential business process.

    Conducting stocktake the traditional way with manual count sheets, can be difficult, time consuming and does little to stop natural human error.

    Efficiency is the key to good stocktaking. With zapMYstock, all you need to do is click on a few buttons to create a stocktake list from your inventory items. Using a portable hand-held barcode scanner such as the Denso BHT-1500, you take your scanner around and scan the barcodes on your stock. When you’re finished counting, simply load the stocktake list back into your computer and then view the differences.

    Contrast that with the traditional process of printing stock count sheets and then manually collating the sheets and adding up and entering stock counts.

    The issues of a traditional stocktake disappear when using zapMYstock. It reduces the stress of having to complete this task manually and collecting data on paper. By making stocktaking more efficient, zapMYstock reduces your time and labour expenditure, increases stock accuracy, lowers the cost of administration and allows for your business to conduct stocktakes more often with fewer errors and incorrect data analysis - the list of advantages of using zapMYstock just goes on!

    zapMYstock is a simple to use barcode-based solution that links directly with your existing system. We even have a label printing program for those items that don’t already have their own barcodes.

    Whether you need a little extra help in managing your stocktake, want a cost effective solution to your stocktaking problems, or simply want to update to the latest technology, ASP Microcomputers has the solution for you with zapMYstock.

    Currently available versions of zapMYstock

    zapMYstock for MYOBzapMYstock EssentialzapMYstock Basic

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      The zapMYstockStocktaking Points of Difference

      • Ability to download and upload a lookup file from your business software to the portable barcode terminal and back
        This is the most powerful feature of zapMYstock where you can load your entire lookup file with descriptions and part numbers into the barcode terminal. All your stock information is available in the palm of your hand as you walk around and stocktake.
      • Cost effective turnkey solution
        There are a number of versions of zapMYstock depending on your requirements, including the entry level Basic version. zapMYstock is a bundled hardware and software solution which also includes ability to print barcodes.
      • Simple to use and functional
        When we design software we always put ourselves in the shoes of the user knowing they’re not always comfortable using technology. Single screen menu with one touch stocktake is built in. Users will be stocktaking within minutes of getting it in their hands.
      • Local support and repair
        While we do everything we can to make sure your product is operating at the standards you expect for as long as possible, sometimes things do go wrong. We have a dedicated support desk ready to assist with any question you have. We an authorised repairer providing fast turnaround times for when your hardware needs attention.
      • Australian designed and written software
        Our coding is done in house, we don’t outsource one line of code. We have a rigorous design process which makes our software easy to use and reliable.
      • Rugged, well designed portable barcode terminals
        The preferred hardware of choice has been carefully selected to ensure it can withstand the treatment usually encountered while stocktaking as well as being lightweight and ergonomic so you can comfortably scan all day. Various models are available depending on your budget.
      • Peace of mind warranty
        All models come with a 12 month return to base warranty. Depending on the model some come with a 36 month warranty. Either way you have peace of mind knowing your investment is covered.
      • Long battery life
        Any dedicated barcode reader should be able to scan all day (at least a shift) on a single charge. Depending on the model chosen some have extreme battery life of up to 200 hours usage.
      • Upgrade as you grow
        Businesses never stay static and processes are changing in line with changing business environment. Our stocktaking solutions can accommodate the simplest stocktaking processes using spreadsheets right up to fully integrated systems for Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Systems
      • Documentation written by people who understand people
        How often have you read a user manual on a product and at the end feel like you’re no better off in understanding how it works. Our documentation is of the highest standard written with simplicity and clarity at its foundation built on years of understanding people and their requirements.

      Companies we have helped

      Conducting a stocktake can be
      difficult and time consuming
      We decided that there had to be a better way, then we set out to design it.

      The result is a low cost, simple to use family of stocktake solutions that works with most Business, Finance, Spreadsheet or ERP software.

      Download your free one month trial of zapMYstock. We won’t even charge you or ask you for your credit card details but we will require an email address.

      After a month, if you decide to purchase our zapMYstock solution, we will give you our Label+™ barcode label printing software for Windows® valued at $650 for free, yours to keep and use for printing your barcode labels using your desktop printer.

      Take the first step to stocktaking nirvana and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.


        • Why do I need to do a stocktake?

          The simple answer is that you need to do stocktakes to make sure that your business is operating profitably.

          Your stock (which can also be called your inventory) is basically anything that your business makes or buys to sell or trade, or changes into other products or goods for sale or trade. Stocktaking involves physically counting all of your stock so you can find out exactly what you have, and its value. An annual stocktake is an essential part of inventory control and it's the best way to keep track of your stock.

          Once you've counted your inventory, you can compare it to your previous stocktake, which lets you see which of your products are selling, and which are not. A stocktake will also identify lost, stolen, or damaged items, which you may be able to write off as a loss.

          Stocktaking can help you to identify stock control issues and areas of your business that need to improve in order to be more profitable. In the day-to-day running of your business, you can easily lose track of which products are winners and which products you could probably do without.

          Nothing brings your finances into focus like a good stocktake – it's a great opportunity to analyse your sales and profits and revise any pricing strategies that aren’t generating maximum profit for you.

        • Is my company too small to need a stocktake?

          As long as you are carrying stock you are never too small to conduct stocktakes. What you need to determine is the method and investment. If you are a smaller organisation then a simple paper based systems will only cost you time.

          The range in cost of automated systems can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a larger automated systems using barcode or RFID running on a wireless infrastructure. If time is money then investing in an automated system should give you a fast return on investment [ROI].

        • Is it better to use software or is paper good enough?

          There are two parts to a stocktake – the physical counting, and the analysis.

          Yes, you could count your stock and record the counts on sheets of paper, and some businesses still do, but it can be stressful and very labour intensive, and until you enter the counts into a computer, you won't be able to analyse it properly anyway.

          With paper stock count sheets, you need to go to each stock item, write the item code or description down on the sheet, then count the items and write that count onto the sheet. Then, you need to take the sheets back to a computer, and enter the item codes and counts into your accounting program (like MYOB or QuickBooks) or perhaps into a spreadsheet. Does that sound like much fun to you?

          The alternative is to use a barcode scanner. Most items nowdays have a barcode label on them already, but even if your products don't, you can easily make your own labels with a computer, a laser printer, and pre-cut laser label sheets, and attach them to your products. There are two main types of barcode scanners – devices that connect directly to a PC (or notebook) via a cable or Bluetooth, and self-contained portable battery powered units with their own display and keypad.

          With the first type of barcode scanner, you scan the barcodes on your stock directly into your accounting program or spreadsheet, then type in the count.

          With the second type of barcode scanner, you take a small handheld device around with you, scanning barcodes and typing in quantities on the barcode scanner itself, then bring the barcode scanner back to your computer and download all the collected stocktake information into your accounting program or spreadsheet. With this type of barcode scanner, each person conducting the stocktake would have their own barcode scanners, which will allow the stocktake to be finished much sooner.

        • Different levels of solutions for different operations/objectives, explained

          Your business records could be as simple as a paper notebook where you record each item you sell. Or, you could be using a spreadsheet that you've developed yourself, or a Quicken, Reckon, or MYOB small business accounting program, all the way up to a full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, or a WMS (Warehouse Management System). Whatever you're using, you need a system of inventory control. And inventory control starts with a stocktake.

          As we've described above, the biggest time and effort saver when stocktaking is collecting the stock counts electronically, and this usually means using barcodes. Barcodes are most easily read with a barcode scanner, and these can scan barcodes
          directly into a computer, or a shelf, row, or even a whole warehouse of scans and counts can be collected and then brought back to a computer.

          If you are keeping your business records on a spreadsheet on a notebook or PC, a stocktaking system might consist of a barcode scanner that plugs directly into the computer, and allows you to scan the item barcodes directly into the spreadsheet,
          then type in the count on the notebook or PC's keyboard. This system has the disadvantage that you need to bring the notebook or PC to the stock.

          A step up from this simple solution would be to use a portable barcode scanner, which you take to the stock, scan the item's barcode, then count the items and enter the count into the portable barcode scanner. After you've finished the stocktake
          (or a section of it), you bring the portable barcode scanner back to your notebook or PC and download all the collected data into your spreadsheet.

          If you're using a small business accounting system, the barcode scanning options are pretty similar to the previous paragraph, except that many of these accounting systems don't provide an easy way to import stocktaking data into the accounting system. Usually, stocktaking with these systems will involve downloading the collected stocktaking data to a text file on the computer, then using the accounting program's import functions to bring the data in. Or, sometimes the supplier of the barcode system will provide a custom program that directly downloads the stocktake data from the barcode scanner into the accounting system.

          Full blown ERP or WMS systems are usually similar to small business accounting systems as far as bringing the stocktake data from the barcode scanner into the system.

          Once the stocktaking data is in your accounting system, you will be able to generate reports and analyse the data. You'll be able to see how many of each item you've sold, whether there's anything missing (ie the difference between the stock count and how many items the computer thought you had), and lots of other useful information.

        • Where do I start?
          The first place to start is ASP Microcomputers! Talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to discuss the options available that will meet your needs and your budget.
        • What needs to be in place before I start my stocktake

          Before you start your stocktake, it is important to have a plan of action. Will you be counting all your stock at once? Will you be taking stock from your shelves to fulfil your customers’ requirements while the stocktake is in progress? It is also important to know at the onset what you will do with your data!

          If you are using an accounting or ERP system, you want to ensure that the data is available in the correct format and structure. Have a chat to our friendly staff at ASP Microcomputers and we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction, so that your stocktake will be a cinch (and maybe even a little enjoyable!).

        • Do I need to barcode all my inventory
          It’s not necessary that each item in your stock has a barcode! You may wish to only label shelf or bin locations with barcodes to identify the stock that is being stored there. Once the barcode is scanned, just count the number of individual items and register that count in the scanner.
        • How do I print barcode labels
          Barcode labels can be printed in a number of different ways. Ranging from a simple barcode font that can be used in Windows programs like Word or Excel and printed on your desktop laser printer, to dedicated barcode printing software which allows for the use of different label formats and templates. Other considerations are the size and material of the label. If you are printing location labels then it may be worthwhile to engage a specialist as these labels need to be long lasting.
        • Do I need to physically count all my inventory
          Ultimately, the purpose of a stock take is to ensure the quantities of items you have at hand match with your records and expectations. While there are some items which may not need to be included in a stocktake, it is always the option of staggering the count so you do not have to count all of your inventory in one go.
          • How often do I need to do a stocktake

            One stocktake as close as possible to the end of the financial year is a legal requirement for most organisations to determine the value of their stock for tax purposes.

            However there are other business reasons why you would conduct a stocktake more often such as identifying if stock is being stolen or damaged. Stocktakes can be done as frequently as daily where you would do a spot check on one item. Weekly stocktakes may involve an aisle or set number of items.

            Organisations in the past needed to close down or do the stocktake after hours or on a weekend if they were only being done annually but nowadays more frequent stocktakes are the norm.

          • Can the process be totally paperless

            Other than printing the barcode labels, which will be on paper, if you intend to do it totally paperless then yes you can. It depends on your process.

            For example you may want to use barcode sheets containing the item barcode and location barcode rather than scanning the actual item or location barcode which could be damaged and difficult to scan.

            Do you want to generate a variance report and check the items yourself knowing there wont be too many and you don’t have access to the barcode terminal? You may be more comfortable using paper in some cases as it’s the first time you are using software to do it. It really depends on you but yes it can be totally paperless.

          • Do I need to close my doors to conduct a stocktake

            There are various modes and frequencies of conducting a stocktake such as daily, weekly, monthly or annually. If you are doing more frequent stocktakes then typically you don’t need to close your doors but you do need to close off the stock you are counting to ensure you get an accurate count.

            For those who undertake a stocktake annually, which is typically as close to the end of the financial year as practicable, then it is usual to lock down the stock and cease the movement of stock coming in or going out. Using an automated system such as a portable barcode terminal and stocktake software will dramatically reduce the time to conduct the stocktake and therefore saving you money in areas such as labour costs. The return on investment [ROI] on the stocktake solution will be quick.

          • Can more than one person stocktake
            Yes. Any number of people can stocktake and depends on how much stock you are counting and how quickly you want or need to complete the stocktake. Each person can be assigned a section or isle or category or even time, it depends on how you want to manage them. It’s important for your software to be able to allocate the stock to be counted by the respective person and for the count to be uploaded to the PC from each of the barcode terminals.
          • How do I know that I haven’t already counted or someone else has already counted an item
            Once you have counted an item, which could be in its own location or in a bin containing multiple items, then it’s standard practice to mark the item or bin with a bright visible sticker to indicate it has been counted. Also if you are using an automated system and barcode reader, ensure that the software has a function to indicate that the item has already been counted.
          • How does dedicated stocktake software differ from say a smartphone app

            Stocktaking may seem like a simple process but there are a lot of catches which can end up taking you more time to fix if your software hasn’t been thought through.

            Considerations when choosing dedicated stocktake vs smartphone apps is:

            i. Is the application well documented so you can determine it will do everything you need it to

            ii. Is there someone you can talk to if you have any questions

            iii. Can you see a demonstration of the software or even be able to trial it yourself

            iv. Where is the company supplying the software located
            Then there’s the hardware. Is it a phone or is it a barcode reader!

            Barcode terminals are specifically designed to read barcodes. They are lightweight, ergonomic and above all rugged to be able to handle the situations usually encountered on the shop floor where they may be dropped from a height or treated just how they should be – like a tool.

            The most important consideration is the scanning performance. A smartphone can scan via the camera and requires precise alignment and focus and often takes seconds to scan where a barcode terminal can scan hundreds of barcodes ever few seconds, and although your fingers aren’t that quick it is extremely fast compared to a smartphone.

          • 13 important considerations of stocktaking
            • Plan, Plan, Plan - Be organised
            • Stocktaking is a hectic and process driven activity
            • Safety first – bringing in contractors, heavy items, using lifting gear etc
            • Adequate supervision – always be on hand to resolve any issues or clarify any areas of concern
            • Clean and tidy
            • Prepare resources and equipment
            • Training to staff who will be counting
            • Pre Meeting with staff to ensure roles and responsibilities
            • Post Meeting to review and identify areas of improvement
            • Notify your customers
            • Document the process
            • Check equipment such as barcode terminals are working
            • If renting barcode equipment order well in advance
          • 5 misconceptions about stocktaking
            • It takes too long
            • It’s too difficult
            • I can do it another time
            • I don't need to do it
            • I can estimate (guess?) the value of my stock
          • What are the risks or implications of not doing a stocktake
            • Stock being stolen or damaged could go undetected
            • Inadvertently sending out more stock than you should ie one box of ten instead of one item
            • Stock value and cost of sale could be mis-stated in tax and financial reports
            • Customer satisfaction is affected
            • Running out of stock affecting sales turnover
            • Carrying too much stock or the wrong stock affecting profit
            • Not identifying slow moving or obsolete stock
            • Not identifying trends that may become a problem
            • Incorrect reordering of items and quantities
          • What versions of zapMYstock are available?

            Click on the links below to open the pages for the currently available versions of zapMYstock.

            zapMYstock for MYOB
            zapMYstock Essential
            zapMYstock Basic
            If we haven't listed the version you need, just give us a call.


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