Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner for Healthcare

Searching for an antimicrobial scanner? Here at ASP Microcomputers, we offer a wide selection of antimicrobial scanners built with materials that resist the growth of mould, mildew, bacteria and other microbes. Our antimicrobial scanners are designed specifically for use in sensitive environments such as the pharmaceutical, biomedical and healthcare industries where medical professionals need to use scanners without putting their patients and co-workers at risk.

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Benefits of Using Antimicrobial Barcode Scanners

Professionals working in numerous industries such as biomedical, healthcare and pharmaceutical have to constantly scan barcodes that put them and others at risk due to potential exposure to harmful microbes. Some of these microbes are capable of damaging the scanner itself but more important than that is the potential risk of spreading the microbes when the scanner is used by multiple people. This is why antimicrobial barcode scanners should be used in such industries. Here’s a list of some of the major advantages of using these antimicrobial barcode scanners:

1. Reduce the risk of spread of infection
2. Protects the scanners from potentially damaging the scanner
3. Keeps the scanner clean between regular cleanings

It is important to mention here that antimicrobial scanners have a housing with built-in antimicrobial agents. However, it does not mean that this housing is effective at killing all the microbes. Regular cleaning with appropriate cleaning products still needs to be performed in order to keep the scanner clean and sanitised. This housing is designed to slow the growth of harmful microbes but do not think of it as a magic bullet.

Australia’s Best Antimicrobial Barcode Scanners & Readers

Our selection of Zapper Tornado products includes high-quality scanners specifically designed for sterile and hygiene sensitive applications. All these scanners comply with the JIS Z2801: 2000 standard. The rugged design is capable of withstanding multiple impacts from a height of up to 2 metres. The Bluetooth devices have a communication range of over 100 metres and support both Apple iOS as well as Android devices. Our barcode scanners with antimicrobial housing last much longer compared to alternatives without this feature.

Healthcare Barcode Scanners FAQs

What is barcode scanning in healthcare?

Barcode scanning is widely used in the healthcare industry for a variety of reasons. It helps in freeing up a lot of valuable time for caregivers which allows them to provide more time to patients. Patients can be given a wristband that can be scanned every time their medical records need to be updated.

This also helps in saving a lot of time and money. Perhaps, the biggest benefit of barcode scanning in the healthcare industry is the more accurate treatment for patients as caregivers now have quick access to all the medication orders, physician notes and other relevant data with just a scan.

Which brand is the best for barcode scanners?

We carry the Zapper Tornado brand which is widely regarded as one of the best barcode scanners with antimicrobial housing. These scanners have a much longer service life compared to other alternatives.

What software do you need for a barcode scanner?

In most cases, no special software is needed for barcode scanners. Most barcode scanners are recognised by computers, Apple iOS devices as well as Android devices as general input devices.

What is barcode medicine identification?

Barcode medicine identification refers to the identification of appropriate medicine based on barcodes. This has been especially useful in the automated delivery of medicines with the help of automated drug cabinets where patients can scan the barcode and get the necessary medicine without any human intervention.

What type of scanner is used in the hospital?

Sensitive environments such as hospitals require specially designed medical scanners. These scanners are protected by an antimicrobial housing that slows down the growth of bacteria with the help of built-in antimicrobial agents.

How barcode technology is useful in hospitals?

Barcode technology is widely used in hospitals for saving time and money. It also results in more accurate treatment. Patients are given a wristband that can be scanned with the help of a barcode scanner. This technology allows quick updates of all the relevant records unique to that patient and allows healthcare providers to have quick access to the required data for more accurate and timely care.