Zapper Tornado 2D BT

The Zapper Tornado 2D BT Bluetooth scanner is a rugged high-performance cordless area-imaging scanner for general purpose and light industrial applications.

  • Built with the latest Bluetooth v4.0 wireless technology
  • Over 100 meters communication coverage while working with smart cradle
  • Plug-and-play cordless migration by working with smart cradle
  • Support multiple connections up to 7 scanners in PICO mode
  • Support both HID and SPP profiles to connect with most remote Bluetooth-enabled hosts
  • Compatible with the most popular iOS and Android devices
  • Batch scanning with more than 100,000 EAN-13 scans of storage capability is ideal for inventory application
  • Read most popular 1D, 2D barcodes and postal codes
  • Snappy reading and superior first-time read
  • Digital image capture capability
  • Ruggedized over-mold design to withstand multiple drops of 2 metre to concrete
  • Cradle contact pin with high durability over 1,000,000 times
  • Optional vibrator is ideal for noisy and quiet environments


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Designed around the innovative FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology, a powerful computing platform and advanced Bluetooth v4.0 wireless technology, the Zapper Tornado 2D BT Bluetooth cordless Area Imaging Scanner delivers superior reading performance, impressive snappy reading and the ultimate freedom of cordless operation. With its outstanding reading performance, superior wireless connectivity, robust enclosure and versatile features, the Zapper Tornado 2D BT scanner raises the bar on the exceptional cost-performance for various barcode scanning applications.

Exceptional mobility and flexibility
Powered by Bluetooth v4.0 wireless technology, the Zapper Tornado 2D BT Bluetooth 2D scanner provides several radio link modes to communicate with most host devices. When a Bluetooth-enabled host device is not available, it can work with the smart cradle in PAIR mode or PICO mode. This provides an instant plug-and-play cordless migration for your existing non-Bluetooth-enabled IT assets. Moreover, the PICO mode supports multiple connections to up to 7 scanners with one smart cradle, reducing the cost of the system. Furthermore, you can use the scanner with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled host devices via SPP mode or HID mode.

Superior reading performance
The Zapper Tornado 2D BT Bluetooth 2D scanner can read most popularly-used linear, 2D bar codes, postal codes omni-directionally. High Density and Standard Range models are designed for the needs of various barcode scanning applications. The scanner has exceptional reading performance on barcode printed on reflective material and on curved surfaces. The Zapper Tornado 2D BT scanner offers superior adaption of most real world barcodes, such as poorly printed, distorted and damaged barcodes.

Versatile functionality and rich features
To fulfill diverse business applications, the Zapper Tornado 2D BT is feature-rich, representing the best value in its class. It can store up to 100,000 EAN-13 barcode data in batch mode. The out-of-range scanning feature allows the scanner to continue scanning data even when it loses its radio connection. In hand-free use, you can enable the Auto-sense function to have the scanner switch from trigger mode to presentation mode automatically when it is placed in a SmartStand or smart cradle.

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