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Here at ASP Microcomputers, we understand it’s essential that any business should add value to customers while building a successful and profitable business. We work with efficiency and accountability, supplying our customers with the newest technology on the market and a tailored solution for their business.


  • “ I continue to be impressed… we have 3 locations and we have had to undertake quite a few processes to complete our monthly stock takes. Firstly we had to have all staff stay back for a minimum of 5 hours after work to run a complete store stock take. Then we were informed of a new portable barcode scanner, the Casio DT-X7. Our monthly stock takes are now completed in less than 1 hour… I couldn’t believe how efficient and quick it was to perform a stock take. I never thought it would be possible and I cannot thank you guys enough for introducing us to such a great product and offering the highest level of support.”

    Sarah Wilson. Telstra, Operations Manager
  • “Throughout the development process of the flow control system there have been challenges for ASP. In every case their team has been able to provide a solution to any issue that we have presented them. This system is critical to the day-to-day operations of the DPC and ASP have delivered a system to meet our stringent security requirements, complex movement rules for the various pack types, management and reporting facilities, all in a user friendly intuitive solution. ASP have been an excellent business partner for the ABS. I particularly have enjoyed the relationship that has been developed that extends beyond a contract”.

    Paul Lowe. Executive Director, ABS
  • “We lent ASP two of our Dell PDAs to test against two of their cordless GT10 scanners when operated side-by-side, i.e., that they would “pair” with their correct device. They then demonstrated the equipment in use in their offices just as it would be in our branches. After successful testing, we purchased the two scanners from ASP, but also received at no charge detailed instructions on how to “pair” the devices from scratch. ASP have effectively partnered with us to find a business solution to our stocktaking needs. … This is a company that takes the trouble to know well the details of the products they sell”.

    Stephen Harrison. Systems Manager, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

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At ASP Microcomputers, we work with large technology companies to offer the latest and greatest technology to our customers. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and supply the most innovative applications for every industry, workplace and business.