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Content Manager

Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) is an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS), formerly known as HP Records Manager (HP RM8), and before that as HP TRIM or just TRIM. CM is a government-based enterprise content management system designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal.

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If you are a business looking to remain competitive in today’s business environment then watching your costs is important. On the flip side, you are doing what you can to grow your business, which then means investing in better IT infrastructure and possibly a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and/or WMS (Warehouse Management Solution).

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Do all your staff suddenly apply for annual leave when you mention stocktake? That’s because you’re not using zapMYstock. Conducting a stocktake can be difficult and time consuming. We decided that there had to be a better way, then we set out to design it. zapMYstock is the result. zapMYstock is a simple to use stocktake add-on that integrates with your existing MYOB AccountRight system to reduce the burden of stocktaking by using barcodes and a portable barcode terminal.

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ClickClock™ by ASP Microcomputers allows your employees to clock in and out of your Time and Attendance system and/or Job Tracking system using a number of devices, including wall or desk-mounted terminals, mobile phones, and tablet computers. Other devices for specialised applications will follow in the future.

The ClickClock ecosystem consists of several parts – a web site (for management, configuration, and administration), specialised terminals and mobile apps, and an interface to your Time and Attendance system and/or Job Tracking system.

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At work we’re surrounded by assets. Some are static (such as desks and chairs), some move around (such as audio visual equipment on loan). If you are responsible for them, but can’t instantly and accurately list “what’s where” (or with whom), list important asset information such as safety check dates and warranty information, and tell whether your assets are being pilfered, you need AssetTraq.

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Linking portable barcode readers directly into your existing Windows software using 802.11 wireless RF technology is a great idea. Your barcode readers become an extension in real time of your PC network. No more returning to a download cradle as with a batch portable, except for recharging.

The RF barcode readers can potentially query your accounting system directly and immediately, or write collected information straight to a disk file, or email your supplier to confirm receipt of goods or just about anything else you can think of.

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Imagine the convenience – no supply delays and large minimum orders, just barcode labels of what you want, when you want them. Perhaps you want to try substituting a simple barcode scan for repetitive keystrokes; no problem, from idea to testing in a couple of minutes! ASP’s popular Label+ for Windows holds the key.

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