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About ASP

ASP Microcomputers is a trading name of Grayline Holdings Pty. Ltd., a privately held company that was founded way back in 1977, at the start of the modern computer industry. From Notting Hill, we supply and support products and solutions worldwide, though predominantly in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Initially an importer of American computer parts, ASP rapidly evolved into an Australian designer and manufacturer of hardware and software solutions.

We have grown to become a pivotal player in assisting government, business, and consumers to increase their efficiency through innovative implementation of cutting edge technology. From supplying the simplest barcode scanners and off the shelf programs, to custom design of complex software and hardware systems utilising mobile computers and cloud computing, we cater to a diverse range of needs.

Our Story

Our expertise focuses on critical organisational functions such as Inventory, Warehouse Management, Time/Attendance and Task Tracking, Material Management, Document Management, and Proof of Delivery.

I’m proud of the highly skilled team we’ve built, and the ethical way we conduct our client relationships. Our team is proficient in software and hardware development, multi-language coding, process mapping, software design and architecture. Our after sales support is renowned. For ASP outsourcing has never been an option, in house development is more efficient and provides our clients with greater confidence and long-term support. We continue to seek bright minds to join our team.

When we design an application or a service, our clients benefit from the efficiencies we have developed through long experience and our proprietary code libraries, our “stock in trade”. This allows cost effective solutions that are robust, reliable, functional and simple to use.

An example is our successful design and deployment of a custom barcoded solution for managing and registering Australian Bureau of Statistics Census forms. Not once, but for the last four Censuses. Our Case studies, including this project, are available here.

Customers benefitting from our innovative tailored software solutions include ABS, CoM, BHP, John Holland, Qantas, Telstra and many others. There are numerous other innovative custom projects which can be seen here.

Others enjoy the benefits of our time and attendance and warehouse management solutions. You can find our tightly integrated warehouse management systems in over 200 warehouses in Australia alone, providing those organisations with real time data back to their ERP or business software.

We’re not stopping there. Our proprietary cloud framework is speeding our development of new cloud solutions in the areas of stocktaking, asset management, time billing and custom applications.

ASP embraces the ever-evolving landscape of IT and the challenges it brings, as we have done since 1977. You can also see our capability statement and alliances at these links.

What can we do for you?

Robert Kogoi
Managing Director