ASPluris from ASP Microcomputers is an innovative real-time mobility suite of modular solutions which provides a robust and cost-effective bridge to your existing accounting or ERP/WMS software that is easy to deploy and maintain, delivering mobility for your organisation. ASPluris provides the most advanced distribution and logistics, inventory and stocktake, field service, job costing, customer relationship management and manufacturing functionalities in your hand.

ASPluris provides users the freedom of movement, be it in the warehouse, shop floor or out in the field, (Wi-Fi, GPRS or 4G+) always connected to the enterprise system through a web services application running on a rugged handheld data capture device which can be reading barcodes and/or RFID tags.

“Since we have been using the ASPluris™ Solution with rugged mobile devices, they have proven to be a great success. As the business grew, efficiency was a key factor, particularly in the warehouse picking times. The ASPluris solution has helped increase efficiency, picking times and order tracking have dramatically improved and errors have been eliminated. Overall we are very pleased with ASPluris and would recommend it to any similar business.”
Lino Scognamiglio, Managing Director, Bio Living

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Real Time (WLAN/WWAN) Non Persistent Connection(NPC)

Work within the four walls of your warehouse over your WiFi network or outside the four walls via the 4G+ network.Works real time but can still work in a network ‘black spot’ or if your network goes down.  Doesn’t require session persistence like other systems do ie Terminal Emulation.  Considerable cost savings in deploying your WiFi infrastructure.

Native Device Application

ASPluris can operate on virtually any device and operating system which we choose, be it Android handheld terminals or Windows vehicle mount terminals or virtually any other device.

1D, 2D, RFID

Your inventory may be scanned with barcodes, two dimensional codes or RFID, depending on what your inventory is labelled with. There is even a long range barcode and two dimensional code option which can scan up to 30 meters.

Printer Agnostic

Print to any printer whether it be an industrial label printer or to your desktop printer.  There is ever an inbuilt label designer so you don’t need to purchase third party printing software, again saving you cost.

Minimal Deployment Time

As the integration has already been done, it’s virtually ‘out of the box’.  You will save considerable cost on not having to pay for professional services to deploy the system to ensure it all works as required.

ERP Agnostic

ASPluris requires an ERP and is not a stand alone system.  We do the integration work with the various ERP’s on the market.  Already integrated to a number of ERP’s but let us know which ERP you are using and we’ll advise on the integration.

Functional and Configurable

Flexible to match your business process.  A wide range of functions and configuration options which are easily set up via the web services back end system.

If there’s something which isn’t built in, we’ll develop it for you just as we have done for many of our clients.

Web Services

It works equally on a physical on site server or in the cloud depending on the way you have set up your operations. It can be configured with a Cloud native ERP, server based ERP or a server based ERP with the database in the cloud.

Putting it another way, the ERP API , Database Server and ASPluris can be on the same or different servers.


We work with the ERP’s API to ensure complete, robust and reliable integration with our system. This means you are working with one system rather than stand alone disparate systems.

Full Task Validation

The right product and quantity to the right customer.  The application will tell you clearly via coloured screens and instructions if you have inadvertently made a mistake while picking.


Purchase what you need and build as your business grows.

Modules including Dispatch, Pick And Pack, Consolidation, Receive, Import Costing, Putaway, Stocktake, Stock Transfer, Replenish, Label Printing, Multiple Companies, Dispatch, Pick And Store, Kitting and Counter Sale.

Adding more as the market requires.

OTA Device Updates

Easily update your handheld devices to the latest version via our own app updater.  No need to get updates via the app stores.

This program is not currently available for download – please contact ASP for more information.

ASPluris Dispatch Function

ASPluris Receive Function