“ I continue to be impressed… we have 3 locations and we have had to undertake quite a few processes to complete our monthly stock takes. Firstly we had to have all staff stay back for a minimum of 5 hours after work to run a complete store stock take. Then we were informed of a new portable barcode scanner, the Casio DT-X7. Our monthly stock takes are now completed in less than 1 hour… I couldn’t believe how efficient and quick it was to perform a stock take. I never thought it would be possible and I cannot thank you guys enough for introducing us to such a great product and offering the highest level of support.”

Sarah Wilson

Telstra, Operations Manager

“Throughout the development process of the flow control system there have been challenges for ASP. In every case their team has been able to provide a solution to any issue that we have presented them. This system is critical to the day-to-day operations of the DPC and ASP have delivered a system to meet our stringent security requirements, complex movement rules for the various pack types, management and reporting facilities, all in a user friendly intuitive solution. ASP have been an excellent business partner for the ABS. I particularly have enjoyed the relationship that has been developed that extends beyond a contract”.

Paul Lowe

Executive Director, ABS

“We lent ASP two of our Dell PDAs to test against two of their cordless GT10 scanners when operated side-by-side, i.e., that they would “pair” with their correct device. They then demonstrated the equipment in use in their offices just as it would be in our branches. After successful testing, we purchased the two scanners from ASP, but also received at no charge detailed instructions on how to “pair” the devices from scratch. ASP have effectively partnered with us to find a business solution to our stocktaking needs. … This is a company that takes the trouble to know well the details of the products they sell”.

Stephen Harrison

Systems Manager, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

“We needed to maximise our processes and gain greater efficiencies within our stores through the use of rugged mobile devices which integrated with our Pronto ERP. After a rigorous selection process we partnered with ASP Microcomputers as they understood our pain points and came up with insights about how to solve them with the most intuitive and cost effective solution. The Casio DT-X30 units were the best units on the market and integrated seamlessly with Pronto XI and were very well accepted across all our stores. ASP is there whenever we need them, which isn’t often as the solution is so reliable.”

Shannon Wimhurst

Total Tools, IT Manager

“We have been using the ASP AssetTraq system for auditing our hardware assets for over a year now. We have completed 5 audits with a 96% success find rate. We have over 120 locations currently and over 5,000 hardware assets with bar-coded asset tags, supported by 10 IT site staff who provide hands on IT services to the sites. The system has saved us an enormous amount of time where our IT staff can complete over 90% of the audit simply by scanning barcodes and correcting locations as required. The rest are items we cannot scan in every audit due to the location or unavailability of the equipment (e.g. located at home) or due to travelling staff. I am also very pleased with ASP’s support for a couple of minor customisations to help us with the auditing. Both the scanner guns and the software have been ultra reliable and have not failed at all. The battery life and capacity of the guns is also very good as we are able to load all assets to every gun and then scan complete locations (often multiple) without needing recharge.”


Details of customer available on request

“The result was first-class. We could not fault ASP on this project. They have a logical, systematic approach to system development that inspires confidence. We needed software and equipment that would deliver speed and reliability, and ASP has achieved that for us. There are particular challenges in the use of RFID in self-service installations and ASP developed a robust system precisely meeting our requirements. Their thorough practical knowledge of all components of the software and hardware meant that any problems that arose were rapidly resolved.”

Hospital – RFID Library

Stephen Due, Chief Librarian, Barwon Health Library Service

“The other online system that I use that I find invaluable is rostermatic. Rostermatic is perfect for our industry. It just works, always, and has massively improved our labour management capability. Like anything, takes a bit to get right and fine tune, but well worth the effort. It’s hard to get/keep good staff these days. This helps us a great deal. Thank you, smart people, for making my life easier.”

Supermarket – Rostering

Dave, Foodworks

“I rarely need to use you because your products are so stable, but it’s always a pleasure when I do.”

Commonwealth Government Department – HP TRIM (HP Record Manager)

Beth Tyerman, Records Manager, Information Services, Corporate Services Division

“Thank you for the great service with the barcode readers, they arrived in perfect time and we have been able to continue our stocktake. Many Thanks.”


Anne Howe, Chevalier College, NSW

“Thank you so much for your prompt service. Appreciated. I wish all our other external stakeholders are like you and your colleagues, and now I can realise why my boss calls ASP “effective and efficient”. Excellent and thank you again.”

Starmaid International Pty Ltd

David Park, IT Systems Manager

“AssetTraq is the type of product that you usually only dream of. Absolutely exceptional!! It takes the hassle out of stock-takes. They are now an easy task. It takes care of just about everything – except the walking. If the unthinkable happens and you need help the phone support is just as good. Well done guys, you are a credit to the industry, keep up the great work.”


Chriss Green, Heatherhill Secondary College

“Telstra had a need to replace the current Barcode Reader technology used for our Payphone coin collection and serviceability recording across the nation. Searching nationwide for a supplier we came across ASP who has a proven track record with experience, knowledge and costs unequalled by any other supplier. … All concerns raised were quickly put to rest as ASP staff came up with suggested solutions time and time again. Their intimate knowledge of the product and their contacts with different manufacturers appeared to be endless. I have never seen a group of people work so well as a team to deliver a superior product.

Working with ASP I have noticed their: knowledge of Barcode Reader technology; customer support; delivery; pricing; and their innovation, to be unmatched by any other supplier I approached.

It is a pleasure to be able to deal with such a professional group of people and I can recommend ASP Microcomputers without hesitation to any business wishing to move into the field of barcode reading technology.”

Telstra Payphones

Telstra Payphone Services

“Being quite used to long delays in affecting repairs because of such distance involved, we were impressed with the speed of your service something most local companies could not match.”


Anne Kippin, Teacher Librarian, White Rocks State School, Earlville, Qld

“Dealing with ASP over the past years has been a pleasure. Their technical support is excellent, expert and prompt; delivery is on time, all the time; pricing is competitive; products are innovative; and their products are reliable and well matched to the typical needs of our user base.

In summary, I can recommend ASP Microcomputers without reservation. The company maintains a level of efficiency and ethics that are quite uncommon in the field of Information Technology. And of course, they are an Australian Company with many Australian made products.”

OEM Client

Customer details available on request

“The staff of ASP are always most helpful and professional and this is important to me as a customer.”

Municipal Library

Janice Nitschke, Director, Library and Information Services, Wattle Range Council, SA

“I emailed you with an order for a Z4DTKIT at about 10am yesterday and I had the package in my hand on the far western edge of Sydney at about 10am today. Brilliant! Most impressed with the service, the product and the great price! Thanks again.”


Nathan Wilcox, Teacher Librarian, Penrith High School

“ASP came up with the Roster option after seeing how we worked. Paul from ASP was running a Training Session for us and said he thought ASP could make this even easier for us. Then a few weeks later they got us in to show their new Roster option, and it was brilliant! We have eliminated human error, saved ourselves a lot of time, and we’re really happy. ASP took the time to look at what we were doing and come up with improvements we didn’t even dream of.”

ZipNet TimeSheet

John Hill, Fountain Gate Bingo Centre, Victoria