Zapper Tornado 2D

Meet the 2D version of ASP’s famous Zapper Tornado, one of the newest additions to the Zapper family. This scanner will read all common 1D and 2D barcodes.

Thanks to its innovative Imaging Technology, the Zapper Tornado 2D™ can read most widely-used linear, postal, and 2D barcodes on paper and screen. With its rugged design, outstanding reading performance and versatile features, it offers businesses exceptional value with increased employee productivity and streamlined business processes.

The Zapper Tornado 2D provides an ideal scanning solution for retail, logistics, libraries, healthcare and industry applications.

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$282.70 (inc. GST)

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Outstanding readability

The Zapper Tornado 2D can effectively scan paper and on screen barcodes.


Superior reading performance

The Zapper Tornado 2D is designed to meet the needs of most barcode scanning applications. It provides superior performance when reading poorly-printed, smudged and damaged barcodes.


Omni-directional scanning capability

The Zapper Tornado 2D supports omni-directional scanning of both 2D and 1D barcodes. Users can read barcodes in any orientation without having to align the bar code or pause between scans. Its point-and-shoot capability improves the first-time read rates while resulting in faster input and less operator fatigue.


  • Reads most challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Reads electronic barcodes from smartphone screens
  • Superior first-time read
  • Omni-directional scanning
  • Clear audio and visual feedback
  • Withstands drops from 1.8m onto concrete
  • Two year warranty


The Zapper Tornado 2D is part of ASP’s versatile Zapper Tornado family. See the matrix below for the all members of the family, and click on any model name to find out more.

Zapper Tornado Model Corded Bluetooth 1D 2D Antimicrobial
Zapper Tornado 2D
Zapper Tornado BT
Zapper Tornado 2D BT
Zapper Tornado HC
Zapper Tornado 2D HC
Zapper Tornado BT HC
Zapper Tornado 2D BT HC

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