Making Stocktake a Cinch™
Do all your staff suddenly apply for leave when you mention stocktake?  That’s because you’re not using zapMYstock™.
You won’t believe how quick and simple a stocktake can be. You already have your inventory data in your business software, so the hard work is done. Using zapMystock and a portable barcode terminal like the Casio DT-X200 or Denso BHT-1500 ensures stock counting and data input errors are eliminated so you’ll have an accurate record of your inventory levels.
zapMYstock is an innovative program, easy to learn and easy to use. It has been designed with the user in mind, knowing that not everyone is comfortable with using technology.

zapMYstock™ Benefits

Reduces time to conduct a stocktake
Eliminates data entry errors
Improves efficiency and productivity
Lowers labour and administration costs
Greater stock accuracy
Conduct more frequent cyclic stocktakes
Rugged and ergonomic barcode terminal
Simple to use software
Proudly made and supported in Australia

All you need to do is to decide which version of zapMYstock is right for you. Click on the logos below to learn about each version of zapMYstock.
Free Stocktake Apps are now on the Apple App and Google Play Stores!

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