Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Fixed-mount barcode scanners allow you to have hands-free and high-speed scanning. You can use a fixed mount barcode scanner in different places, including retail stores, manufacturing and logistics operations, and other high-speed work environments. It helps streamline your operations and captures data accurately, saving you time and money.

At ASP Microcomputers, we have different fixed barcode scanners to ensure that your processes are fast and efficient, increasing productivity and reducing labour costs.

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Benefits Of Using Fixed Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanning is essential for specialised usages like warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics. Scanning technologies streamlines work in these high-speed areas, ensuring the registered data is accurate and the process more efficient. Here are the benefits of using a fixed barcode scanner:

  • Reads barcodes: A fixed barcode scanner can read a 1D and 2D barcodes, often containing encoded details about a specific item. The scanner gives you helpful information about the item, including whether or not it has expired. It also reads the lot number on a barcode, so it can save data from the raw material, which is useful for production history.
  • Versatility: Fixed barcode scanners are versatile and can be used across different industries. For instance, they can be used by retailers or in airports. They also have a hands-free approach making the scanning process fast and efficient.
  • High speed: Fixed-mount barcode scanners have varying scanning speeds, making them useful in a high paced work environment as they eliminate the need to record information manually. They also help eliminate errors and ensure everything is in order. For instance, they can take a box’s picture to ensure that product descriptions and instructions are not missing characters and that product packaging is the same in every box.
  • Helps prevent counterfeit barcodes: A fixed mount barcode scanner can detect whether or not a barcode meets the set GS1 printing standards, preventing counterfeit barcodes. These scanners will alert you if a box has no barcode or even if an item’s barcode is not in place.
  • Help sort products: Fixed-mount barcode scanners are excellent for sorting products. If a product does not fit in a specific production batch, the scanner will notify you.
  • Saves time: Fixed barcode scanners can save you a significant amount of time as they are fast and efficient. If you need information about a product, you do not need to rummage through files manually. Instead, you can use barcode scanning to access this information, saving significant time.
  • Prevent human error: Manually recording data in a high paced work environment will most likely lead to a few mistakes. With a fixed barcode scanner, you do not have to worry about making any errors. All the data these scanners collect is accurate.

Australia’s Best Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are essential and can be used in a wide range of industries for different purposes. They ensure you collect accurate data, reduce labour costs, prevent errors, and ensure efficient productivity. ASP Microcomputers has the best-fixed mount barcode scanners in Australia to ensure your processes are streamlined.

Fixed scanners are generally permanently mounted on a surface or piece of equipment, and items to be scanned are moved past the scanning beam. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Fixed Barcode Scanner FAQs

What is a fixed mount barcode scanner?

A fixed mount barcode scanner is typically stationary and is used across different industries, including retail kiosks, libraries, warehousing, and logistics operations. It contains a cable, housing, and scan engine. The scan engine can be a 2D area imager, linear imager, or laser scanner.

Which barcode scanner is best for a retail store?

There are four main scanner categories ideal for use in retail. These include in-counter, mobile computing, presentation, and handheld scanner. These barcode scanners meet different business needs, so you will ultimately decide which scanner makes your processes more efficient. Presentation or countertop scanners are ideal for a retail store as they are reliable and cost-effective, and they can read 2D barcodes.

What is a tethered scanner?

Barcode scanners are also referred to as tethered scanners as they are often tethered to a stationary terminal. Tethered scanners transmit data when a single barcode is scanned and is typically mounted on a conveyor belt or built into a retail kiosk.

Tethered scanners are designed to be incorporated into big automation systems and intended for unique use, including warehousing, manufacturing and logistics. They are pretty easy to use, and they help streamline your processes.

What should I look for when buying a barcode scanner?

There are multiple barcode scanner options in the market, so it is essential to choose one that will meet your specific needs and enhance your business productivity. Barcode scanners can be used in different settings, including healthcare facilities, retail stores, and industrial areas. It helps to know what features you want and the function of a specific barcode before purchasing one. Some features to consider when buying a barcode scanner include the screen, wired connections, wireless connections, GPS, barcode reader, portability and ideal environment.