How to stocktake accurately, easily & cost effectively

You might be using an accounting or business software package to run your business, a full featured ERP or even just simple spreadsheet software.  You need to do regular stocktakes which are an important process to minimise loss prevention and to compare the level of stock on hand with the stock on record. But it’s usually a difficult and tedious job. That’s where Barcode Rentals comes in.

As a division of ASP Microcomputers, the Australian Data Technology Specialist, we can guide you on how to use barcodes to make stocktakes a cinch and rent you the equipment required, saving you the capital outlay of purchasing Portable Barcode Readers, and allowing you an immediate tax deduction.

If you need more than just the hardware we can also provide stocktaking software such as zapMYstock™ which can upload and download the stock file from your business software into the Portable Barcode Reader and back.

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Renting, as opposed to purchasing IT equipment such as barcode scanners serves multiple business purposes such as improving cash flow, tax benefits and allowing you to try before you buy.  We are able to provide very competitive pricing on our large range of portable barcode readers.  Rental periods start at three days and usually aren’t longer than 3-4 week.  Please note there are peak rental periods so it’s important you book your equipment with us at least 4-6 weeks prior to ensure your equipment is available for your important stocktake.  Our rental equipment is kept in optimal condition and we prepare all equipment prior to shipping to ensure no downtime is experienced but should you need our support we are only a click away!

It was 500% faster with zapMYstock compared to how we used to do it!* – Ron Class Locksmiths


Our services extend beyond hardware.  We have a number of packaged solutions which we have developed in-house to assist you with your data collection process.


You won’t believe how quick and simple a stocktake can be. You already have your inventory data in your business software, so the hard work is done. Using zapMystock™ and a portable barcode terminal like the Casio DT-X200 or Denso BHT-1300 ensures stock counting and data input errors are eliminated so you’ll have an accurate record of your inventory levels.


ASPluris is an innovative real-time mobility suite of modular solutions which provides a robust and cost-effective bridge to your existing accounting or ERP/WMS software that is easy to deploy and maintain, delivering mobility for your organisation.

ASP Standard Program:

Our most basic but very useful data collection program which allows you to scan a barcode and add the quantity


AssetTraq is a complete solution to keeping in control of your assets. Using barcode technology to simplify and speed the identification process, AssetTraq is easy and logical to learn.

We have a large fleet of units available for rental which include various models to suit your needs.

Casio DT-X200-10E:

Introducing the DT-X200 range of handheld terminals, which set a new performance standard born of the fusion of strength and speed. A body shape optimized by human-centered design and a rugged reinforced structure that can withstand drops from a height of up to 3.0 meters ensure the durability and usability necessary for use in extreme environments. A high-performance CPU greatly increases processing speed.

Casio DT-930:

The Casio DT-930 series is a rugged and lightweight entry level scanning terminal. Its high performance laser scanner and long battery life make it ideal for use in retail stocktaking and warehousing applications.


Although no longer available to purchase we have a number of rental units available of this compact and ever reliable unit


The Denso BHT-300 has the largest screen in its class, along with the ability to scan barcodes from up to 45cm away. Powered by a high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery, and with a power-saving design, the BHT-300 will operate for up to an amazing 135 hours when reading barcodes twice every ten seconds, and even longer at lower scan rates.

Z4 DataTraq:

Being one of the first portable barcode scanners ever made in the early ‘80’s, ASP’s Z4 DataTraq™ is an exceptionally versatile 2 in 1 product, working as both a Portable and Fixed Barcode Reader.  The Z4 Datatraq works immediately, straight out of the box and without programming.  If you’ve never used this model it may be better to choose an integrated unit such as the ones listed above.

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