Z4 DataTraq

Z4 DataTraq

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ASP’s Z4 DataTraq is an exceptionally versatile 2 in 1 product, working as both Portable and Fixed Barcode Reader (saving you buying two products). The Z4 DataTraq is designed to work with all kinds of scanners so that the most appropriate for the application can be chosen.

The Z4 Datatraq works immediately, straight out of the box and without programming, but includes the ASP BASIC language so programs from ASP’s Web Site can be loaded, or custom applications written.

It has a clear 2 line LCD display, and a robust sealed keypad with easy to use large buttons. Multiple interfaces are available – USB, PC Keyboard, RS232 and RS232 Wedge (for Video Terminals). You can purchase the Z4 DataTraq with virtually any ASP Scanner.