Casio DT-930

The Casio DT-930 series is a rugged and lightweight entry level scanning terminal. Its high performance laser scanner and long battery life make it ideal for use in retail stocktaking and warehousing applications.

  • Built-in high-performance scanner
  • Full software and cradle compatibility with DT-900 series
  • Large memory
  • Robust and durable
  • Improved ease of use and visibility
  • Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communications
  • Long battery life, two-way power supply

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Built-in high-performance scanner

A built-in high speed laser scanner is provided as standard with the latest decoder capable of reading all types of industry standard 1D barcode symbologies. Higher resolution (0.127 mm) and improved scanning distance (450 mm maximum) ensure great accuracy of bar code reading. In addition, a scan width control (laser beam swing angle control) function is included to prevent the misreading of adjacent bar codes. For “scan complete” confirmation, a large green LED, vibrator, or beep or any combination of these can be selected according to your working environment.

Two models are available to suit different applications: DT-930M50E has a downward scanning angle and DT-930M51E has a straight scanning angle.

Full software and cradle compatibility with DT-900 series

Applications developed for the existing Casio DT-900 series handheld terminal, which has been widely deployed in the scanning-based vertical markets, can be easily ported to the DT-930 series thanks to a high degree of software compatibility. Besides software compatibility, the DT-960IOE Basic Cradle and DT-964IOE Satellite Cradle for the DT-900 series can also be used with the DT-930 series.

This not only preserves your investment in software and some of the dedicated peripherals, but also allows the DT-930 series to be used in conjunction with the DT-900 series in mixed deployments.

Large memory

In addition to 4MB of RAM, the DT-930 has a 16 MB F-ROM storage area which can be used for the backup of applications and data. This prevents the loss of data if the user allows the battery to completely run down.

Robust and durable

The DT-930 is designed and built to withstand harsh working environments. No adverse effects to its operation should be experienced when dropped from 1.8 meters in height to a concrete floor. It features excellent dust and water-splash protection that meets the requirements for the IP54 level of the International IEC60529 standard. The DT-930 can also operate in severe temperatures within the range -20°C to 50°C.

Improved ease of use and visibility

The large keys with a responsive click touch enable error-free key operations even when the user is wearing gloves. Backlit keys are employed to enable keypad operation in poor lighting conditions. The STN display, which includes a phase compensation film, provides maximum brightness and can display large fonts, which greatly improves screen visibility. In addition, a large 3-color LED in either green, blue or red can vividly light up to indicate an event. All these features help to ensure comfortable use for long periods even in dark environments.

Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communications

The latest version of Bluetooth is integrated as standard in all models to allow wireless communications with portable Bluetooth label printers (such as ASP’s Piccolo), greatly improving efficiency and flexibility. For example, you can print shelf edge labels on a belt printer right in front of a shelf in your store.

Long battery life, two-way power supply

An exceptionally long period of continuous operation has been achieved (approx. 200 hours with two AA-size alkaline batteries), thanks to the power-saving design and effective power-management features employed in the DT-930 series. Furthermore, the DT-930 provides a choice of power source: two AA-size alkaline batteries or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

CPU SH1 (32-bit RISC type)
Memory RAM 4 MB (User area: Approx. 1.6 MB)
F-ROM 16 MB (User area: Approx.12.5 MB)
Display Type Monochrome FSTN LCD
Resolution 128 x 64 dots
Font size 6, 8, 10 dots
No. of display fonts 210 in 6-dot mode (6×6 dots per font)
105 in 6-dot mode (6×12 dots per font)
128 in 8-dot mode (8×8 dots per font)
64 in 8-dot mode (8×16 dots per font)
72 in 10-dot mode (10×10 dots per font)
36 in 10-dot mode (10×20 dots per font)
Backlight LED
Indicator 3-colour (blue, green, red) LED
Input Keyboard Numeric (Alphabet) keys, CLR key, BS key, S key, Multi-function (L/R) keys, F1 to F8 keys, Power key
Trigger key 2 (on left and right sides)
Laser scanner Type Semi-conductor laser light
No. of scannings 100 per second
Resolution 0.127 mm
Readable distance DT-930M50E
(Angled type)
(Straight type)
0 to 400 mm 0 to 450 mm
Readable width 60 to 360 mm
(at maximum distance)
65 to 390 mm
(at maximum distance)
Readable symbologies EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A/E, CODABAR, CODE39, CODE93, CODE 128/ EAN128, ITF, MSI, IATA, Industrial 2 of 5
Interface Bluetooth® Bluetooth Version 1.2 compatible
Infrared IrDA 1.1 compatible
(Maximum: 4 Mbps, up to 20cm)
Buzzer Sound volume 75 dB or greater
Vibrator Comes as standard
Power Operation AA-size alkaline battery (2 pcs)
or DT-923LIB lithium-ion battery pack
Memory backup Lithium battery (CR2032)
Battery capacity 540 mAh (DT-923LIB)
Operating period With AA-size batteries: Approx. 200 hours *
* Under conditions of “scanning twice per 10 seconds” and at room temperature.
Memory backup period With only memory backup battery: 1 month *
* Backed up with only memory backup battery and at room temperature.
Environment Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Operating humidity 10% to 80%RH (no condensation)
Storage humidity 5% to 90%RH (no condensation)
Dust/Water-splash proof IP54 level (compliant with IEC60529)
Drop durability From 1.8 m in height to concrete floor
Dimensions and weight Dimensions DT-930M50E: Approx. 57.4 (69.0 *) W x 180.0 D x 21.9 (40.2 **) H mm

DT-930M51E : Approx. 57.4 (69.0 *) W x 173.0 D x 21.9 (31.6 **) H mm

* : Display’s external dimensions.
** : Reader portion’s external dimensions.

Weight DT-930M50E: Approx. 225 g

DT-930M51E: Approx. 210 g
The weights include two AA-size alkaline batteries.

Application development tool Hitachi SH-C Compiler
Compliance Safety EN60950 (UL60950 compatible)
EMC, EMI EN55022/EN55024 (FCC Part 15B compatible)
Bluetooth® type approval EN300328/EN301489 (FCC Part 15C, RSS-210 compatible)
Bluetooth logo certification
Laser EN60825 (FDA compatible)

Cradles, Chargers, and Batteries

This cradle makes it possible to transfer data and files between the terminal and a computer via integrated USB interface. The USB bus power mode is available for the cradle. The cradle can power to the terminal when it connects to the dedicated AC adaptor (AD-S15050AE).

This cradle makes it possible to transfer data and files between the terminal and a computer via RS-232C interface. It can also power the mounted terminal and charge the battery pack in either the terminal or the spare battery compartment or both. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor, AD-S42120AE, for its operating power.

This cradle makes it possible to transfer data and files between the terminal and a computer via RS-232C interface. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor, DT-9020ADP, for its operating power.

This battery charger in cradle shape charges the battery pack (DT-923LIB) installed in either the mounted terminal or the spare battery compartment or both. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor, DT-9020ADP, for its operating power.

Type: Lithium-ion battery
Rated capacity: 540 mAh
Rated output voltage: 3.6 V

AC Adaptors

Power supply unit for HA-P60IO and HA-P30CHG
Rated input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated output: 5 VDC 3.0 A
This adaptor is supplied with an Australian power cord, other power cords are available separately on special order.

Rated input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated output: 12 VDC 3.5 A
This adaptor is supplied with an Australian power cord, other power cords are available separately on special order.

Rated input: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated output: 9.5 VDC 1 A

Other Accessories

This is an add-on option to give an extra strength against drop impact subject to DT-930 handheld terminal. It is recommended to attach on the terminal prior to use especially by customer in a harsh working environment who requires a higher grade of impact resistance.

Casio DT-X8

“The staff of ASP are always most helpful and professional and this is important to me as a customer.”

Barwon Health partners with ASP Microcomputers and Maxus to deliver an around-the-clock RFID book lending service to patrons.

“The result was first-class. We could not fault ASP on this project. They have a logical, systematic approach to system development that inspires confidence. We needed software and equipment that would deliver speed and reliability, and ASP has achieved that for us. There
are particular challenges in the use of RFID in self-service installations and ASP developed a robust system precisely meeting our requirements. Their thorough practical knowledge of all components of the software and hardware meant that any problems that arose were rapidly resolved.”
Stephen Due,
Chief Librarian
Barwon Health Library Service


Barwon Health is Victoria’s largest regional health service providing care to more than 450,000 people in Geelong and South Western Victoria. Barwon Health employs over 5,000 staff and has an annual operating budget in excess of $330 million.

Barwon Health incorporates a major teaching hospital, associated with Deakin and Melbourne Universities, a major aged care and rehabilitation facility, a mental health service and community health centres.

The Barwon Health Library Service caters for the information needs of professional staff and students associated with Barwon Health. The
Library Service supports three main activities within Barwon Health, specifically clinical care, medical research and education. The library resources comprise a lending collection of 7000 books and a serials collection of 1500 titles.

Project Objectives

  • Implement an RFID self-check loans system solution to enable books to be borrowed around the clock
  • Reduce time spend handling books by staff
  • Integrate with the existing Maxus Library Management System (LMS) Inmagic® DB/Textworks®
  • Incorporate a new RFID-based book security system


  • Books are RFID tagged
  • Self-check kiosk for loan and return
  • Security alarm gates at the library door via RFID tags
  • A receipt can be printed listing the items borrowed and the due date
  • When books are returned the security tags are automatically reactivated
  • All loans data is available to library staff via the library management system


  • Improved service levels to patrons
  • Eliminated queues and delays at the circulation desk
  • Enables patrons to borrow books around-the-clock
  • Many compliments and no complaints from library patrons
  • Simple and reliable to use
  • Patron acceptance is high
  • Fast return on investment

Hardware and Software

  • ASP RF-IDeal™ middleware
  • Maxus LMS
  • Feig RFID equipment
  • Casio touch terminal PCs
  • Star receipt printers
  • Denso hands-free desk scanners