Z4 DataTraq (and Portable BCR)

Z4 DataTraq (and Portable BCR)


How to stocktake with an ASP Portable Barcode Reader (PBCR) or Z4 DataTraq

Because of the vast differences between various hardware / software manufacturers, we cannot possibly describe how to use our PBCRs for stocktaking. We can however offer this breakdown of the usual stocktake procedure.

  1. Check the PBCR is fully charged. ASP ships PBCRs with charged batteries but it is still a good idea to leave them charging, whenever not in use, to ensure as little as possible downtime. The units are charged by connecting to a powered Homebase (the green ‘charge’ light should come on) but leaving the PBCR itself switched to the off position.
  2. Clear the PBCR’s memory (Function 19). This should be done after every successful download also.
  3. Scan the items in small sections. Eg. Shelves
  4. Bring the PBCR to the Homebase and connect, via the Homebase cable. Check the green light comes on.
  5. Prepare the program to accept a stocktake (see your software suppliers manual).
  6. Begin the download (function 11).
  7. Check the data, if the data has errors, check the ASP web site Support page for further assistance.
  8. If all is correct, return to step 2 as required.


How to set the output delays

  1. Press the “function” key then the number “05”. This will bring up the delay settings.
  2. “Char delay” should appear. Please set this to “7” if it isn’t already and then press enter to move on to the next delay.
  3. “CR Delay” should appear. please set this to “2”. Then press enter 5 times and “keybd delay” will appear.
  4. Keyboard delay should be set to “8”. Then press enter. Now you should be back to the start.
  5. Now try to download.
  6. If the delays are still to fast go back into the delay settings and change your keyboard delay to “15”.


My computer has been upgraded, and there’s nowhere to plug the homebase in

Your computer most likely now only has USB ports. We can supply a USB Homebase, but you’ll need to check first that your Z4 DataTraq (or Portable Barcode Reader) will work with it.

You can use ‘Function 00‘ to display the firmware version number – the number in the top right corner has to be at least 407.

If it is, then you can just purchase the USB Homebase, plug it in and you’re set. If it’s a lower number, please contact our service department – your unit may just need a simple firmware upgrade.


How many scans have I made?

To check on the number of scans stored in memory, just press and release the FUNC key, then press and release the 2 key, then press and release the 3 key. This is called ‘Function 23‘.


How do I know when memory is getting full?

To check on the amount of free and used memory, just press and release the FUNC key, then press and release the 1 key, then press and release the 0 key. This is called ‘Function 10‘.

The display will show something like this:

29 used,
31083 free

This means that 29 characters of memory are currently in use for storing barcodes, and 31,083characters of memory are still available. Each barcode stored takes up the number of characters in the barcode plus one character of overhead to mark the end of each barcode.


Why is my memory full?

The Z4 DataTraq (and earlier models like the Portable Barcode Reader) store every scan into memory, even when the unit is plugged into the PC.

To clear memory, just press and release the FUNC key, then press and release the 1 key, then press and release the 9 key. This is called ‘Function 19‘.

The display will prompt you to confirm that you really do want to clear memory – press the YESkey to clear memory.


Can I download the user manual?

Yes, of course! That manual, along with the manuals for most other ASP equipment, is available from our web site here.

Please note that our manuals are in Adobe .PDF format – if you don’t already have the free Adobe reader, you can download it from Adobe’s web site.