Barcode Readers, Scanners and Terminals

  • What’s a keyboard wedge interface?

    This interface “wedges” itself in between your keyboard and a PC, and makes the PC think that the barcode scans are coming from the keyboard.

    The Keyboard Wedge interface is less common nowdays because of the popularity of USB.

  • What software do I need for a scanner on my PC?

    None if common interfaces such as USB or Keyboard Wedge are used, as the PC is “tricked” into seeing and barcode scan as keystrokes.

    If you need to use a less common interface such as RS232, ASP’s ASPKey+ Utility Program can likewise trick your PC into thinking barcode scans have been typed in.

    If unsure, please contact us for further advice.

  • How do I connect the scanner to my PC?

    The most common connection is USB. Scanners with a USB connection simply plug into a USB port on your computer, and away you go!

    If your PC doesn’t have a USB port, a Keyboard Wedge interface is the next choice – it connects between your keyboard and your PC.

  • Where can I download user manuals?

    The manuals for most ASP equipment are available from our web site here. If you need a manual that isn’t listed, please leave us a message on our Contact Us page.

    Please note that our manuals are in Adobe .PDF format – if you don’t already have the free Adobe reader, you can download it from Adobe’s web site.