Zebra Barcode Scanners: Types And Benefits

Zebra Barcode Scanners: Types And Benefits

Accurate and fast data capture with the use of a barcode scanner assists many industries and businesses to operate efficiently and swiftly. From retail spaces to hospitals to manufacturing plants and warehouses, Zebra Technologies’ barcode scanners are suitable for all vertical markets. These scanners can enhance inventory tracking, make checkouts faster, and more. 

Types Of Zebra Scanners

For any task in a business environment that requires the use of a scanner, there is the right type of Zebra barcode scanner to get these tasks completed with efficiency. Here are some of the Zebra barcode scanners that ASP Microcomputers has on offer:

  • Fixed-Mount Scanners

For hands-free scanning, the Zebra fixed-mount scanners are capable of scanning high volumes of barcodes at lightning speed, which includes direct-part marks, 1D, and 2D. 

From making sure passengers board their flights punctually to scanning items quickly in a boutique, Zebra fixed-mounted scanners are used for scanning product-etching barcodes, and mobile paper in an instant, without occupying a lot of space. 

The accuracy and speed of fixed-mounted scanners can keep people moving, while the compact size makes them easy to set up in several different areas. 

  • Handheld Scanners

Using a Zebra handheld scanner provides a way for workers to instantly capture data, and then sync this with the correct networks. Handheld scanners are often very useful in retail environments to track inventory or to decide when it is the right time to reorder. They are also useful for processing checkouts in stores for a more user-friendly and faster experience. 

Capturing data manually increased the chances of mistakes and it also wastes resources and time. Using accurate and automated handheld scanners assists with keeping processes efficient and precise, while the rugged design of these devices can withstand the most demanding environments. 

Zebra Barcode Scanners Types And Benefits

  • Healthcare Scanners

In a sector that requires such high levels of accuracy, Zebra barcode scanners maintain preciseness to keep those that are working with them and their patients safe. These scanners are useful for a variety of tasks such as medication administration and patient admission to specimen inventory labelling and tracking. 

In healthcare environments that range from patients’ rooms to laboratories, to pharmacies, swift data capture can mean that healthcare providers are given the time that they need to focus on their patients, rather than struggling with an outdated or faulty scanner. 

  • Presentation Scanners

Not much is more frustrating than customers having to wait when a scanner is failing to scan items correctly. With the range of Zebra presentation scanners, it allows businesses to pass items over a scanner for rapid data capture. This not only improves retail situations due to impeccable accuracy and speed but also any of the environments that use presentation scanners can experience improved efficiency. 

  • Scanner Accessories

Everything that a business requires to make sure a Zebra scanner always runs optimally is made available with premium-quality accessories. These include stands, brackets, mounts, adapters, cables, batteries, and more. 

Final Thoughts 

For a complete range of accessories and scanners, Zebra is one of the industry leaders that has combined ease of use with cutting-edge technology. ASP Microcomputers offers a wide range of high-quality barcode scanners, along with an experienced professional team that is here to provide you with both pre and post-sale assistance. 

Barcode scanners that feature the correct combinations and configuration will decrease work errors and expenses on labour, enhance inventory control, save time and offer improved customer service by offering item-level awareness and swift visibility. At ASP Microcomputers we can assist you with choosing the right Zebra scanner for your business to make sure you make the most from your barcode scanning needs.

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