Zebra Barcode Scanners [2022/2023 Buyers’ Guide]

Zebra Barcode Scanners

Zebra’s range of barcode scanners guarantees high performance, reliability, robust construction, and a range of other attractive features. It’s no wonder that they’re so popular. 

However, should you choose a handheld or fixed mount Zebra barcode scanner? Perhaps an industrial scanner? All these will record your retail and inventory data, but which Zebra barcode scanner will make your life the easiest? 

Here is an updated buyers’ guide:

6 Key Factors To Consider To Pick the Best Zebra Barcode Scanner 

1). Applications

Prior to picking a barcode scanner, you must be certain of its intended use. Is it intended for use in retail, inventory management in warehouses, the healthcare sector, an ATM, or some other application? 

That’s because each industry has its unique specifications. For example, the healthcare sector requires barcode scanners that withstand anti-bacterial cleaning.

That said, your application will determine the kind of scanning abilities and features you need and help you narrow down the wide range of Zebra barcode scanners available. From the available options in your specified niche, you can then choose one based on your budget, speed, and other requirements specified below. 

2). Working Conditions (Air Quality, Lighting, and Temperatures)

Is the dust in your warehouse particularly bad? What about tiny particles like sawdust? What are your lighting conditions? Are the temperatures too high or too low?

In tough warehouse conditions, you need Zebra’s line of ultra-rugged barcode scanners. These are designed for the challenges found in manufacturing and warehousing environments where temperatures vary, there’s dust and poor vision. 

These scanners are durable, read at lengths and rates that astound users, and provide workers with continuous, full-shift power. They also capture data in dirty, damaged, or shrink-wrapped labels.

Zebra Barcode Scanners

3). Type of Flooring

What is the type of flooring in your warehouse or business? If your scanner falls, does it hit a hard or soft carpet-like surface? Drops are the leading cause of damage to scanners. 

Hard flooring, therefore, calls for rugged Zebra barcode scanners because they can perform under rough and tough conditions. Zebra anticipates every challenge!

4). What Type Of Barcodes Will You Be Scanning?

If you plan to scan barcodes, consider the code type and scanning distance. For all types of barcodes, it’s better to go with 2D imaging barcode scanners. These scan both linear and 2D barcodes. On the flip side, linear barcode scanners are limited to 1D barcodes.

When it comes to scanning distance, look for a device with Extended Range capability to scan from a distance of as far as 45′-50′ feet away. They do this using 2D barcode imaging or laser scanning.

5). Space Limitations 

How much space do you have for a fixed mount barcode scanner? If you’re using the scanner on other devices like ATMs, which size of barcode scanner do you need to fit seamlessly? 

Zebra barcode scanners have the option of mini scanners. These are perfect for applications with space constraints such as turnstiles, medical instruments, gaming, and ATMs. 

6). Does Holding a Scanner Hinder Efficiency?

Do you need a fixed or mobile scanner? Portable and companion barcode scanners can be used remotely, making them practical and effective for scanning a large number of items over a wide area.

Zebra does, however, offer an incredibly flexible companion scanner if you need one that can quickly switch between corded and cordless operation, portable and hands-free. It can be fixed or portable to suit all your needs. 

ASP Microcomputers: Fast, Efficient, and Durable Zebra Barcode Scanners

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