Why Invest in ZapMYstock Barcode Scanners for Stocktaking?

ZapMYstock for Stocktaking

Are you having trouble with stocktaking at your retail establishment, warehouse, or network of chain stores? Would you like to employ the use of a reliable product that can help you meet or even exceed your inventory needs? If so, you may want to consider getting a zapMYstock barcode scanner.

These can help you produce accurate, updated records and deliver excellent value for money. What are they though? In this post, we’ll delve into ZapMYstock barcode scanners and see how they support stocktakes.

What Are zapMYstock Barcode Scanners?

They are portable barcode scanners that work with the ZapMYstock app for complete inventory management. What is ZapMYstock? It is an innovative user-friendly stocktake program that automates the stocktaking process with barcodes and a portable barcode terminal to minimise the workload associated with stocktakes.

ZapMYstock is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as a free download. It is typically integrated with the existing MYOB software built into leading barcode scanners for instant product identification and labelling. Purchase one of these barcode scanners to make stock counts simple.

Why Should You Get a ZapMYstock Barcode Scanner?

1). User-Friendly Interface

It’s not surprising that individuals in inventory management find barcode scanning stressful given how hard technology can be on people. Luckily,  ZapMYstock was created with the user in mind. It is simple to use and understand, which eliminates data entry errors, reduces the time spent on stocktakes, and overall, improves efficiency and productivity. For instance, you can sort your inventory in the order of multiple variables (name, price, weight, product group, photos, barcode, and others) for fast access to items.

2). All-Under-One System

Stocktaking, especially when done manually can be very complicated. It could involve comparing different records and stock details, which can be time-consuming, not to mention full of errors. With a zapMYstock Barcode Scanner, you have everything under one roof. The ZapMYstock program helps manage all your products in one place, capturing every detail of inventory and delivering the most up-to-date inventory figures. 

ZapMYstock for Stocktaking

3). Multiple Stocktaking Activities

Stocktaking entails different activities that help examine, count, and valuable goods in a business. Luckily, there’s no cap to what you may accomplish with this straightforward stocktaking program. You can search for items, filter, and sort them by various attributes. You could also send data between the PC and the scanner, check and record your inventory, and so much more. You manage all your product under one roof with ease!

4). Real-Time Updates

With the ZapMYstock system installed in your barcode scanner, you can connect to almost any system that can import and export data in Microsoft Excel or CSV data. As mentioned before, all you need to have this system running is a  barcode scanner (as a mobile app or specific hardware) and a data transmission program on your PC that connects to your scanner through Wi-Fi. Once your stock has been counted, it uploads the information back into your system, keeping you updated round the clock. 

5). Stock Information Available in the Palm of Your Hand

The program retrieves and uploads data from practically any machine. This way, you can load your look-up files with descriptions into the barcode terminal, meaning every bit of updated information you need is with you as you conduct your stocktakes. 

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