Best Barcode Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

Barcode Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and asked for the menu only to be told that you can simply scan a barcode? Perhaps you have tried to look for a product’s specifications and are asked to scan the barcode on the product?

Well, it is the digital age and phones now have barcode scanner-like capabilities. Yes! You don’t need not walk around with an industrial-grade handheld barcode scanner to access such information!

Barcode scanning apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms that are cost-effective and offer convenience. Here is a list of apps that are both popular and functional:

1). Kaspersky’s Scanner and QR Code Reader

As a household name, Kaspersky is synonymous with providing cyber security solutions for the technology industry worldwide. Similarly, their application safeguards users from being exploited by malicious software whenever they scan a barcode. 

In addition, the app keeps a record of codes scanned and saves the data to allow for quick retrieval during the next scan. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

2). BarCloud

This application is available on both Android and iOS ecosystems. Apart from reading barcodes, BarCloud stores and secures data using a cloud-based system. Additionally, it tracks and records assets and inventory entered in its database.

This adds more functionality to the application as you can view and edit shared inventory securely and remotely. The app has received positive user reviews and boasts a four-star rating.

3). Google Lens

Wait, even Google has a barcode scanner app? Yes, you are correct! The technological giant that is Google has developed an application known as Google Lens. 

This app is laden with tons of features to allow users to retrieve as much information as possible. For example, users can scan a product and find similar options as well by browsing the search results it displays on the internet.

Barcode Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

4). Scandit

If you are a developer or enterprise, this is the application that is suitable for you. Scandit is an app that is packaged as a software development kit (SDK). This means that developers and enterprises can build on top of it to create custom solutions that require scanning capabilities. 

It is suitable for enterprises running applications and software that are proprietary and is available on both iOS and Android. However, the enterprise packages come at a cost.

5). ScanLife

For businesses that employ barcodes as a marketing strategy, ScanLIfe is a great addition to your arsenal. For users, the application retrieves information such as a product’s ingredients and nutritional facts and gives nearby locations where it can be purchased. 

In addition, ScanLife has built-in Twitter and Facebook sharing capabilities in case you want to spread the word. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms and has tons of positive reviews and commendable ratings.

6). Orca Scan

Similar to Scandit, this isn’t your typical barcode scanning app. Orca Scan offers a free alternative to commercial scanners without the need of paying for specialised software. 

The app features a robust inventory and asset tracking feature that allows users to add more details about the product. In addition, this data is backed up and can be viewed in the following formats:

  • JSON file
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • Excel

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Barcode scanning apps come in handy when users need to get quick access to information. Unfortunately, they are fairly simplified scanning systems and cannot be used for intricate activities like inventory management. 

If you require barcode scanners to perform larger tasks than discussed above, please contact ASP Microcomputers for more details about barcode scanners, their various varieties, and questions relating to them. We are the leaders in the field of barcode scanning in Australia!

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