Custom solutions by ASP Microcomputers

Off-the-shelf systems don’t always meet everyone’s needs. Every business is unique, and sometimes you really need a system designed around your own requirements and working patterns.

Established in 1977, ASP Microcomputers has a long history of developing functional, robust, and easy to use solutions which are designed to be reliable and intuitive. We can work with you to develop a custom or bespoke solution to your problems.

We’ve designed and developed custom systems for everyone from capital city councils to government departments, from telecommunications giants to commercial laundries, from national airlines to horticulturalists to libraries, and from small engineering companies to the largest construction companies and alliances in Australia.

In fact, you’ve probably already done something that involves ASP hardware and software without you even knowing it.

  • Did you fill in a form for the census? ASP software and hardware was used to record receipt of, and track and control, the forms for the last three censuses.
  • If you’re a frequent flyer with a major Australian airline, your baggage will likely have been tracked using tags that were programmed using ASP software.
  • Have you ever put coins into a parking meter or ticket machine in the Melbourne CBD? ASP software and hardware is used in the collection and counting of those coins.
  • Desalination plants are used to provide drinking water in a number of states, and several of those plants use custom software and hardware developed by ASP.
  • Have you driven on a major road project? ASP supplies custom software and hardware to some of the largest infrastructure construction companies and alliances in Australia.
  • If you’ve been to hospital, the doctors and nurses probably wore garments and used linen laundered by a company using ASP software and hardware to control the laundering and collection and delivery processes.
  • Public telephone boxes, although unfortunately a dying feature of the Australian landscape, had their coins collected using ASP hardware and software.
  • If you’ve bought a new car, the spare parts department and other parts of the dealership probably use ASP hardware and software.
  • The ticketing systems used at one of Australia’s biggest rodeos, and for several sea ferry companies, were designed and developed by ASP.

Some of the solutions we’ve developed for our clients are outlined in a table here. We are also nearing the release our first major smart phone application and web service, which is a simple yet useful application to capture times for remote workers.

If your business has a problem that needs to be solved, talk to the team at ASP. We have the in-house skills to deliver.