ASP’s software development has a rigorous process, with the ultimate aim of successfully deploying our solutions to the satisfaction of our clients. This is achieved not only in our coding and libraries which have been developed over many years and which have become our ‘stock in trade’, but much earlier on in the ‘problem identification’ stage, where a lot of the work is spent in understanding the requirements of the client.

ASP uses a number of tools for source code control, project management, bug and issue tracking, and for idea and information repositories, and our code is well documented.

ASP has a long history of developing functional, robust and easy to use bespoke solutions for our many clients. Some of these projects are listed below.

Industry Overview Details
Engineering Work teams and equipment assignment and tracking Browser Application, iPAD tablets over WebServices
Construction Materials Management and Tracking Rugged barcode terminals with PC application uploading to SAP
Retail Stocktaking for stores Barcode terminals
Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle Recall Letters 2D barcodes in envelope window using 2D barcode scanners. PC program uploading to SAP.
Council Parking Meter Coin Collection Barcoding of meters and coin boxes, barcode scanning
Telco Pay Phone Coin Collection Barcoding of phones and coin boxes, barcode scanning
Manufacturer Material Tracking Tracking of barcoded materials in storage areas and work sites
Horticulturalist Tracking Seedlings Tracking of seedlings during various processes from planting until sale
Major Event Tracking People movement Tracking attendee movements between various events by scanning barcoded badges
Construction Material Placement Tracking movements and final locations of large barcoded pipes and other items during large scale deployment
Airline Stock Audit Auditing of barcoded stocks of component assemblies and spare parts in stores around the world
Commercial Laundry Garment Tracking Using barcode labels and scanners, and RFID tags and scanners, to track garments from arrival, through laundry processes, to delivery
Event Entrance Fee Collection and Management On demand ticket sales and printing from handheld barcode terminals
State Police Vehicle Asset and Movement Tracking Barcoding of police vehicles and tracking of vehicle movements within transport branch
Vehicle Manufacturer Drive Day Driver Tracking Tracking vehicles and drivers during vehicle familiarisation events


The most important stage of implementing a solution is what we call ‘Stage 0’, which is the problem identification and initial discussion stage. It’s as easy as clicking on the Contact Us tab below, and filling out the form. One of our experienced staff will contact you shortly. Otherwise please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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