What’s The Best Zebra Barcode Scanner For Your Business

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What is the best Zebra barcode scanner for your business? Are there certain scanners more suitable for specific industries than other scanners? Before you buy a Zebra barcode scanner, you’ll want to know the answers to those questions. With that said, today’s blog article will cover the different scanners that Zebra has, and which businesses and operations they’re best suited for. 

General Purpose Scanners

Zebra has a great selection of general-purpose scanners, which are ideal for businesses that need a scanner for general purposes. These types of scanners are perfect for small retail shops or for businesses that need to take inventory or things of that nature. Some of the best features of Zebra’s general-purpose scanners include being able to scan any code, regardless if it’s damaged or torn, as well as being easy to operate. 

Healthcare Barcode Scanners

As the name suggests, these scanners are for businesses that operate within the healthcare industry. This includes caregivers or those who work within hospitals. Zebra has a great selection of scanners designed specifically for the healthcare industry, and one of the best things about these scanners is they can help improve the productivity of healthcare workers. 

Companion Scanners

These scanners are capable of 1D and 2D scanning, and they are extremely lightweight and mobile. Retail, transportation business, and hospitality businesses will find Zebra’s companion scanners to be very useful. The majority of these scanners can be used for an array of applications, such as shipping labels, asset tracking, cycle counting, inventory management and much more. 

Ultra Rugged Barcode Scanners

The range of ultra-rugged barcode scanners from Zebra is good for businesses that need a durable and rugged scanner. Factories and warehouses can benefit from using these scanners because they’re built to last, and their scanning performance is impressive. The bottom line is Zebra’s ultra-rugged models are designed for harsh conditions, so if your business operates in harsh conditions, then check out their ultra-rugged range of scanners. 

Best Zebra Barcode Scanner 1

In-Counter Scanners

Businesses that have cashiers should choose one of Zebra’s in-counter scanners, which have been designed with cashiers in mind. Cashiers will be able to use an in-counter scanner to provide customers with an excellent customer experience because the scanners allow for fast scanning, which makes it easy to handle large volumes of items. Furthermore, the scanners can be installed on self-checkout stations. 

Fixed Mount Scanners

If your business needs a hands-free scanning solution, then a fixed-mount scanner is probably for you. They can be used as a standalone scanner or you can have them integrated with various products. If a business is after a scanner that delivers impeccable performance, then they’ll want to check out Zebra’s fixed-mount barcode scanners. 

DataCapture DNA Scanner

For businesses that need the ultimate solution, look no further than the DataCapture DNA scanner from Zebra. This barcode scanner has been engineered with all of the company’s other scanners, which means it is equipped with software tools that can handle any scanning task. Although this is the most advanced scanner Zebra currently has, it is still extremely easy to use. It doesn’t matter how harsh your business’ work conditions are, how often you need to use a barcode scanner or what you need to scan, the DataCapture DNA Scanner will get the job done, and with the utmost accuracy. 

Final Thoughts

All you have to do now is compare the above scanners and then decide which one you should buy. If you’re after a Zebra barcode scanner, then check out what ASP Microcomputers has in stock. ASP Microcomputers has an array of Zebra barcode scanners, and the team can help you select the right scanner for your business.

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