How Can Zebra Barcode Scanners Help With Inventory Management?

Zebra Barcode Scanners Inventory Management

Are you searching for an inventory management solution? Have you considered Zebra barcode scanners for managing your inventory? Inventory management is one of the biggest pain points when it comes to managing products in a warehouse, retail store, or other parts of the supply chain. 

Traditional methods of managing inventory are not able to keep up with the growing number of products. This is why smart businesses invest in barcode scanners along with a modern inventory management solution to efficiently manage inventory throughout the supply chain. In today’s blog post, we will explore how you can use Zebra barcode scanners for inventory management.

Problems With Traditional Inventory Management

Traditional inventory management solutions are inefficient because they cannot provide accurate forecasts. This is why accurate inventory prediction gives a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly choppy and hyper-competitive business landscape.

Additionally, traditional inventory management solutions are typically not equipped to provide a real-time view of the inventory. For example, if you have multiple locations, traditional systems won’t be able to tell you the number of SKUs in stock in total and at each location.

Managing Inventory With Zebra Barcode Scanners

To implement a modern system for inventory management with the help of barcode scanners, you need to take a holistic view. Barcode scanners are only a part of the system and not the system itself. Here’s a quick guide on implementing a barcode inventory management system in your business.

1). Set Your Goals

The first step in the process is to have clear goals on what you want to achieve with inventory management such as an increase in real-time data collection, data analysis, saving time, increasing accuracy, or other such parameters. It will help you come up with key performance indicators.

2). Build A Master List 

Next, you need to build an inventory master list to implement your inventory management system. In short, you need to define the stock-keeping units of every item you have in your inventory. It is best to be as detailed as possible.

Zebra Barcode Scanners  Inventory Management

3). Choose A Solution

You will need to choose and implement an inventory management solution that ties in with the Zebra barcode scanners. You will be using this solution for the creation, printing, and tracking of all the barcodes in the inventory. Since there are several such solutions, you might want to ask for recommendations from our experts here at ASP Microcomputers to help you make the right choice.

4). Choose The Right Hardware

Zebra offers a wide range of barcode scanner solutions. Some of these scanners are meant for enterprise use whereas others are designed and priced for use in retail stores. You need to choose one based on your specific needs.

For example, Zebra offers the CS3000 Series laser scanner which is a portable solution. There are also other options for enterprise use such as the TC51, TC56, TC70, TC75 and DS3608-ER, among others. All these scanners are designed for use in different environments and are priced accordingly.

5). Barcode Creation

It’s time to bring everything together and start printing actual barcodes. Many software solutions have templates to design barcodes. You also have the option of creating your own barcodes as per your needs.

6). Place Barcodes On Products 

Once you have printed the barcodes, stick them to the products and have a system in place where fresh barcodes are always printed and pasted onto the products. Once everything is ready, you can now start using your barcode scanners to scan the products. The system will update everything once the barcode has been scanned and you will get real-time inventory data.

Final Thoughts

In summary, setting up a barcode system for inventory management enhances efficiency and allows you to keep track of products and make accurate forecasts. It also allows you to keep track of your inventory whether you are just moving it around in the warehouse or shipping it across the nation. 

Moreover, a barcode system made with the help of Zebra barcode scanners will help you optimise your inventory and give you a competitive edge. Take the help of our experts here at ASP Microcomputers to know more about barcode inventory management solutions and how they can be set up to help you optimise inventory.

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