The Future Of Barcodes, RFID, & Image Barcodes

Future Of Barcodes, RFID, & Image Barcodes

Currently, there are many fascinating barcode developments, making the future of barcodes pretty exciting. Image barcodes are becoming a wide-scale reality and can potentially change our view of barcodes.

Think about how intriguing it will be when objects themselves become scannable. The result is that there will be a decrease in demand for 1D barcodes with this technology. What is in store for Barcode, RFID & image barcodes? And what does this mean for businesses? Read on to find out.

Future Of Barcodes

Barcode technology has a lot to offer businesses across different industries and will improve how your business functions. 1D barcodes are slowly being replaced by 2D barcodes, which can hold up to 7,000 information characters, unlike 1d, which only holds 85. Without the need for extra scanning, 2D barcodes can help your business store and share more complex information, including serial numbers and expiration dates. QR codes are an example of this technology.

QR codes are becoming more commonplace in businesses, and one does not even need an app to scan these codes, giving barcode technology quite a boost. Soon, barcodes will be integrated into different businesses. For businesses, barcodes will be helpful for more purposes other than organising.  

Technological advancements will make it much easier to scan barcodes. At the moment, one has to hold a barcode in a specific way for proper scanning, but technological advancements will make it possible to scan an item from any angle. As a result, there will be an increase in productivity, and it will be even possible to pick up barcode readings from a fast-moving conveyor belt.

With the improvement to the barcode scanner, commerce and consumption can be more personalised. The barcode scanning technology will make it possible to pass more information to consumers. Barcode technology improvement will allow companies to create more personalised services and products for specific customers. For instance, two marketers may need the same product but in different colours, and the barcode will help you quickly figure out this process.

Future Of Barcodes, RFID, & Image Barcodes

Future of RFID

RFID technology has slowly been making its way into different societal aspects. RFID tags can relay information over longer distances, significantly reducing the risk of miscounted inventory and ensuring you know how much product you have available in real-time. Most individuals are not aware of how helpful this technology is and how efficient it can make their work. It is possible RFID tags are not as popular due to their high cost.

With all the technological improvements being made, soon RFID technology will complement barcodes. RFID ultimately transmits its identity to a receiver. Have you ever scanned your way into a place like the subways using a plastic card? That is RFID in a nutshell. Like barcodes, object tracking in RFID is aided by RFID tags.

RFIDs will offer your business more flexibility and enhance efficiency when used to complement barcodes. While RFID tags track the number of objects and equipment, barcodes will organise these objects. Together, they will enhance productivity. As a result, processing will significantly increase as the need to make a similar scan for each product is eliminated.

If RFID tags are not immediately adopted into business processes, they may be overshadowed by the rise in image barcodes. This segues nicely into our next point, what is the future of image barcodes?

Future Of Image Barcodes

Image barcode scanning is an exciting development that will benefit numerous businesses. Image scanning artificial intelligence is constantly improving and evolving. A time will come when image barcodes identify an item’s information by simply scanning the item’s image. 

Imagine having a product such as coke, but it has no code. During check out, all you have to do is run the image on an image scanner, and it recognises and scans the image. This will revolutionise how processes work in a business. It will increase productivity, and it will also enhance processes in your business.

With technological improvements, the future of image barcodes is bright. Customer service will increase significantly because of the fast barcode scanning and checkouts. Customers will be able to scan their products for faster retrieval of product information. It also ensures they spend less time in a queue waiting for a barcode scanner to scan their products at a specific angle.

While products will appear not to have any barcodes, you will still be able to retrieve the information you need but at a faster rate. Businesses with warehouses will significantly benefit from this as you will no longer need to locate the traditional barcode. You can quickly increase your production rate because processes like receiving and picking are more efficient. 

Conclusion: Barcode Technology Is coming To Help Us Organise

It is essential to be well organised if you plan to run a successful business that can withstand any change and keep growing through it all. With barcode technology, you can easily organise your customer base, equipment and sites. Barcodes will also make it more straightforward for you to offer services to different customer bases, including the most dispersed. 

With more technological advancements, technology is becoming more reliable and enhancing the efficiency of different processes. 

The future of barcode scanning is intriguing and brighter than ever. For several years, ASP Microcomputers has been helping companies across different industries with barcoding. We offer our clients lifetime value and different services, including barcode scanners. Are you looking to purchase, implement or use existing or emerging barcode technologies? 

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