Zapper Barcode Scanners: Types, Applications, and Features

Zapper Barcode Scanners

Inventory tracking helps you manage your inventory more effectively and make sure you have enough stock to fulfil orders. One indispensable tool that makes this happen is a barcode scanner.

At one point or another, you may have looked up the different varieties of barcode scanners online, only to come out more confused than you were before, right? What features should you look for? Why are some so expensive while others are affordable?

The sheer number of products and features available is enough to make one pause for a bit and resume later. However, we’ll make work easier for you and recommend Zapper barcode scanners. Read on to find out why:

Types of Zapper Barcode Scanners

Zapper barcode scanners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your business needs, you may want to consider one or more of the following:

• Laser Type Barcode Scanner
• LED Scanner
• Pen Type Readers
• Image Scanners

Application of Zapper Barcode Scanners

These barcode scanners can be found in many industries and used for different kinds of scenarios. Ideally, you would want to select a barcode scanner that can be used across various industries. Fortunately, Zapper barcode scanners can excel and deliver accurate data in different environments.

The new generation of Zapper barcode scanners can read barcodes that are damaged, poorly printed, and even smudged. Some of the industries where they are in use include:

Retail and catering industries
• Library management systems
• Inventory management and tracking
• Transportation for ticketing purposes
• Biometrics for security doors
• Logistics and Shipping

Features of Zapper Barcode Scanners

With the introduction of superior imaging technology, Zapper barcode scanners deliver accurate barcode reading performance whilst coming in a sleek and lightweight form factor. These scanners are also durable, efficient, and cost-effective thereby making them suitable for use by small to medium-sized businesses.

Some of the features that make Zapper barcode scanners the best in the market include:

• Modern and Durable Design

These barcode scanners are manufactured using a combination of hard plastic and rubber that is made to last. The tasteful design ensures that it features in just about any retail store.

• Ergonomic Handle Grip To Minimise Slippage

The handle of the Zapper barcode scanner is rubberised and features grooves that make it comfortable for users to easily grip the device no matter the environment.

Zapper Barcode Scanners

• Bigger Trigger Button To Provide Users With Added Comfort

An enlarged trigger button allows for faster scanning and does not wear out the user’s fingers every time they scan a product.

• Designed To Survive Multiple Drops From 1.5 Meters

Zapper barcode scanners feature industry-grade material that can withstand multiple drops. Our scanners are tested thoroughly to ensure they remain intact and usable after being dropped.

• Can Read ISBN/SCIS and 13 Digit ISBN for Libraries

Librarians no longer have to memorise the location of books or try to remember which ones have been borrowed. Zapper scanners provide easy tracking and storage of books.

• Scanning Range Is up to 45CM From the Object

Being able to scan from a distance allows the user to perform multiple scans at a go.

• Fully Programmable to Suit Your Needs

When you purchase a Zapper scanner, you are at liberty to program the device to whichever settings you wish that will fulfil your daily needs and operations.

• Compliant with RoHS Regulations

Zapper barcode scanners comply with EU regulations and are made from materials that are not hazardous to human beings.

• Can Read Barcode in a Bi-directional Manner

When products come packed in a non-uniform manner, you don’t want to start turning them all around to start scanning. Be smart. Use the Zapper scanner that can read in any direction and angle.

• High Scanning Rate of up to 300 Scans per Second

Sometimes there is a surge of products coming in or exiting and you need to scan as many as possible. With up to 300 scans per second, Zapper barcode scanners ensure you remain at the top of your game.

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Zapper barcode scanners have the potential to increase productivity and maintain accuracy in inventory management. When considering barcode scanners that will offer you the above advantages and more, look no further than Zapper barcode scanners from ASP Microcomputers.

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