5 Reasons Why Honeywell Barcode Scanners Are Popular

Honeywell Barcode Scanners

Are you looking for a barcode scanner that has all the essential functions, is reasonably priced, and has a ton of other useful features to offer? Or, more specifically, what criteria do you use to select a barcode scanner? Whatever it is, we can guarantee that our range of Honeywell barcode scanners can deliver. 

Honeywell barcode scanners are barcode scanners that are ahead of their time. They’re innovative, versatile, reliable, and so much more. Here are just a few of the reasons why they are so popular:

1). Variety

Do you need a point-of-station barcode scanner to scan a large volume of barcodes? Perhaps a portable or wearable scanner designed to keep mobile workers hands-free? Or are you in the manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse industry where you need a fixed-mount barcode scanner? Honeywell barcode scanners come in a wide range of designs to suit different applications. Some of these include:

  • General purpose handheld
  • Rugged industrial-grade handheld scanners 
  • Presentation scanners
  • Wearable e.g. the 8670 and 8680i.
  • Fixed Mount such as the HF520 2D Imager Module
  • Corded such as the Granit family
  • Healthcare scanners

2). Superior Scanning Technology

Barcode scanners from Honeywell feature high-performance barcode readers that provide exceptional data collection and barcode scanning. They are distinguished and flexible and come in a range of configurations for different organisational workflows. Furthermore, their exceptional scanning capability does not over-complicate the system. The barcode scanners are user-friendly whether they are placed at the point of sale, stationed above a warehouse conveyor belt, or hung on a wall for easy access. 

Some are built into computers, such as Honeywell’s CT40 and CT60. These are high-performance barcode scanners that are much more than just scanners. They can operate in a variety of business applications, including asset and inventory tracking. 

3). Extreme Durability and Weather Resistance

We’ve already established that these scanners have industry-leading scanning performance. What makes it more special is that the rugged versions can scan in very tough environments, making even the most difficult-to-read barcodes look good. Damaged barcodes, dusty warehouses, freezing conditions, dock, and outdoor use—whatever challenge your throw at them, they’ll emerge strong. One notable line is the Honeywell Granit series.

Honeywell Barcode Scanners

4). Long Scanning Life

If your business frequently has field operations, this one is for you. Some Honeywell barcode scanners such as the Honeywell Xenon and Voyager line feature battery-free technology that allows you to fully charge them in just under 2 minutes. The best part? When fully charged, they can scan more than 450 UPC/EAN codes. As if that’s not enough, with a 20-second charge, you can get 100 scans! 

5). Beyond Barcodes

Can barcode scanners collect data beyond barcodes? Honeywell’s innovative barcode scanners can! Many of the manufacturer’s barcode scanners now incorporate operational intelligence. Operational intelligence gathers data such as the volume of scanned barcodes, which may serve as a good proxy for site productivity.

It can specify the throughput of packages in the warehouse and even indicate your sales performance in retail. It can also indicate whether some barcodes are getting harder to read, among other things. If that doesn’t sound like the future of barcode scanning, we don’t know what is!

ASP Microcomputers: Barcode Scanning Made Easy

Whatever your company needs, ASP Microcomputers have a scanner to help. Let’s get you a Honeywell barcode scanner that exceeds your expectations. From cutting-edge auto-sensing features, rugged designs, sturdy materials, and advanced technology, there’s a lot to benefit from. Scanners in stock include portable, hands-free, wireless, wearable, healthcare, industrial-grade models, and many others.

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