Our pioneering in the education field began in the mid-eighties with the Australian design and manufacture of a portable barcode reader for conducting stocktakes in school libraries.  For the last quarter of a century, ASP Microcomputers has been at the forefront in assisting the Education sector with innovative technology in the areas of barcoding, receipt printing, student attendance, and asset tracking, to name a few.

We continue to be the first choice across the education sector and have an unrivalled reputation in offering the highest quality products and solutions and backing them up with the highest level of support and service long after the transaction has been made.

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Popular Barcode Scanners & Solutions for Schools

Which equipment is right for your educational institution?


Barcode Zapper Handheld Scanner™

A hand held barcode scanner is typically corded and is used for the odd scanning job,or very low volume scanning, be it at the PC or on a laptop or tablet.  For those who are budget conscious, a hand scanner is your lowest cost option for scanning solutions.  ASP’s Barcode Zapper (USB Connectivity) is not only low in cost, it is also easy to use and ergonomic,with excellent readability and will stand the test of time.



Zapper Tornado Scanner Kit™

Hands free scanning refers to the use of scanners that are mounted in a stand or holder.  This allows the user to present their barcodes for scanning without having to pick up the scanner and press a button.  This type of scanning ability is very useful for high volume scanning tasks, or if the user prefers an ergonomic scanning solution.  ASP’s Zapper Tornado USB scanner has the ability to scan as a hand held as well as hands free, and is built rugged for multi purpose applications.


Zapper Tornado BT Cordless Scanner Kit™

Cordless scanning is useful in many ways, and is popular as it allows total freedom of movement for the user.  They are handy for stocktaking or deskwork.  ASP’s Zapper Tornado BT Bluetooth Scanner kit is a true leader in Bluetooth Scanning Technology, offering an incredible 100 metres range!  It’s versatile operation allows the user to scan in hands-free mode and also has a memory mode for out of range scanning jobs, making it an ideal choice for all purpose scanning.


The Zapper Tornado HC™

The Zapper Tornado HC delivers cutting-edge Imaging Technology to provide outstanding scanning performance even with worn or difficult to read barcodes. The Zapper Tornado HC reads most 1D barcodes, including GS1 Databar (formerly known as RSS), making it an ideal scanner and a future-proof investment.




Today retailers and restaurateurs have the choice of the traditional POS terminal or new and innovative tablet POS providing the flexibility and mobility increasingly required within retail and hospitality environments.  However, concern for communication and connectivity issues has resulted in retailers being reticent to take advantage of the cost-savings of mobile tablet POS.  Managing a large estate of multiple tablets and paired Bluetooth devices means that it can be operationally difficult to maintain the right connection between the right peripherals and devices.  The Star TSP143IIIU POS printer changes all this.



Z4 DataTraq Portable Barcode Reader Kit™

Different to cordless scanning, portable or remote scanning refers to the use of a barcode reader that generally stores scans in memory for download at a later stage.  ASP’s Z4 DataTraq Portable Barcode Reader seamlessly transmits all remote scans directly into any Windows based application, and is also able to scan directly into your application as though it is a corded scanner.  This all-rounder is proudly designed and manufactured by ASP in Melbourne, Australia.



Opticon OPN-2006

The OPN-2006 is a small and lightweight companion scanner that fits easily in your pocket, making it easy to take it anywhere. The scanner is set up with Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows mobile through Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). With this Bluetooth connection it ensures you of real-time data sync with your computer or system.




Printer Consumables – Thermal Paper Rolls

Protect your printer and get maximum life out of it.  Non-approved receipt paper may damage or reduce the print head life with extended use over time.  Our Premium Approved Thermal Paper Rolls are approved by the printer manufacturer.  We highly recommend that you purchase the approved paper, but are providing you with other options below so that you can make an informed decision.



Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer, 8C/5N removable coin tray & 2 MEDIA SLOTS. Nylons Rollers, RJ12 Connector. 420 x 425 x 110. Heavy Duty Steel Drawer, Stainless Steel front and Metal Note clips.



AssetTraq Mobile is a complete solution to keeping in control of your assets. Using barcode technology to simplify and speed the identification process, AssetTraq Mobile is easy and logical to learn. Many different brands and models of Portable Barcode Readers and Terminals can be integrated. Barcode Label printing is built right in. As we said, this is a complete package. It even takes care of short term asset loans, for instance a digital camera to a student at a school!



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