6 Denso Barcode Scanning Features You Didn’t Know About

Denso Barcode Scanning Features

Denso barcode scanners are useful across various industries. These barcode scanners come with an array of features. With that said, if you want to find out about 6 Denso barcode scanning features you didn’t know about, feel free to continue reading on. 

1). Label Reading: High Density And Poor Quality 

One of the best features of Denso barcode scanners is that they are equipped with technology that allows them to scan labels that are of poor quality. Many barcode scanners are unable to scan poor-quality labels, and this can become frustrating for the person using it. With Denso barcode scanners, they won’t have to worry about this. 

Additionally, Denso barcode scanners can read high-density labels. This is all thanks to advancements in reading mechanisms. It doesn’t matter which type of Denso barcode scanner a person uses, the chances are it will be able to scan virtually any label of any quality. 

2). Fast Scanning 

Fast scanning is another feature a person might not know a Denso barcode scanner has. Even if they’re well aware of how quickly it can scan, what they might not know is the method it is using. Conventional barcode scanners aren’t really capable of rapid scanning, but this isn’t the case with Denso barcode scanners. 

In fact, Denso barcode scanners can scan around 400 scans per second. When compared to other barcode scanners, this is far Denso performs far faster. If someone is working in an environment that requires them to scan barcodes as quickly as possible, then having a Denso barcode scanner will come in handy. 

3). Remote Label Reading 

Another impressive feature people might not know about is that Denso barcode scanners have remote scanning capabilities. Those who have used barcode scanners before won’t be shocked at this feature, but those who only have limited experience might be surprised that Denso barcode scanners have this feature. The way it works is barcodes can be scanned from a distance, but how far of a distance depends on several factors. 

Remote label reading is a useful feature. This is because it allows people to scan even quicker. Furthermore, they won’t have to get very close to the barcode in order to scan it. 

Denso Barcode Scanning Features 1

4). Pinpoint Scanning

Some Denso scanners have a feature known as pinpoint scanning. What this means is there could be three or four different barcodes on a single box or product, but the Denso barcode scanner will pinpoint the barcode that needs to be scanned. This makes scanning the correct barcode an easy task to complete, regardless if there are several other codes around it. 

5). Batch Scanning QR Codes

A little known feature of Denso barcode scanners is the batch scanning feature. There could be multiple QR codes on a single product, and if all of them need to be scanned, then the Denso barcode scanner can do it. All a person has to do is point the scanner at the codes, and then it will scan them in bulk.

6). Scanning Guidelight 

This feature is all about targeting codes with ease. Whether the user has to scan a small code, or a code that is on an unusual surface, such as a reel or a printed board, then the guidelight can be used to scan the code. Out of all the features of Denso barcode scanners, this ranks among the top ones.  

Final Thoughts 

Those are the six features of Denso barcode scanners that you might not know about. All of those features are useful. If you’re after a barcode scanner, then you’ll want to see what ASP Microcomputers has to offer. We provide quality products and services, which means you’ll easily find the right barcode scanner for your needs.

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