4 Reasons Why Barcode Verification Is Important

Reasons Why Barcode Verification Is Important

Verifying barcodes is a crucial process in the supply chain. Readable barcodes indicate that the product is of high quality, eliminating its possibility of being sent back. Typically, a lousy barcode can be difficult for a barcode scanner to read and will incur extra costs for reprinting, repacking, and reshipping.

This article outlines the various reasons for verifying barcodes and when to do it. In addition, the article will include the different devices used for verifying barcodes and their benefits. However, let’s first define the term barcode verification.

What Is Barcode Verification?

Barcode verification refers to the process of using barcode verifiers to grade barcodes. They grade 2-D and 1-D barcodes depending on the barcode quality as defined by the ISO standards. These standards create an easy operation between the barcode scanning and printing systems.

By verifying a barcode, you have confirmed that any reader will accept the produced code in any place. It is the only effective method of grading a barcode while diagnosing and fixing marking errors.

Why Verify Barcodes?

There are numerous reasons to verify barcodes depending on the type of barcode. You might incur more money if the bar code of your product fails to scan. It acts as an insurance policy that assures you that the bar code will scan at all supply chain levels. This enhances the relationship between the supplier and the customer.

The last thing you want to have is bad barcodes as they break supply chains, cripple security systems access, disrupt the inventory, and halt essential processes. They can even cause injury and death in critical care scenarios. You have to verify your barcodes are readable as bad barcodes are liabilities that can potentially inflict untold damage.

When To Verify Barcodes?

There are three significant occasions when you can verify your barcodes. They are listed and explained below.

  • Verify your barcodes as you print them before they go out to the world. This will allow you to quarantine and replace any faulty barcode before releasing it as a liability.
  • Verify the codes in their natural state as they appear on the end-user scanner. You must carefully affix them to their packages, insert the product, and install a shrink wrap.
  • You can verify barcodes at any place at any time. A virgin barcode that is not printed on a product is the best to verify. It will save you a lot of money as the product moves across the supply chain.

How To Verify Barcodes?

There are various ways of verifying barcodes. The best method is using a verifier, but it is pretty expensive. Luckily, you can still use a smartphone though this is not the best idea. Read on for more methods of verifying barcodes.

1). Using A Scanner: A scanner can fail to read a barcode. Even if there is a beep sound, a scanner won’t indicate whether the particular barcode is good or bad or even the application’s space widths. Perhaps you can use a scanner that features a camera, laser, or CCD technology. However, it might fail to read the same barcode used on the typical scanner.

2). Using A Smartphone: This is the worst way of verifying a barcode. Generally, smartphones feature negligible technology for scanning barcodes. Just mere cameras fitted with decode software. The best thing about using a smartphone over a scanner to verify a barcode is that the smartphone can read coloured barcodes, and the scanner cannot.

3). Using A Verifier: The best way of verifying a barcode is by using a verifier. However, verifiers are pretty expensive and less affordable but crucial in building your reputation and customer loyalty. If you do not have a verifier, you can still use a service for barcode testing to get familiar with barcode verification and ensure that you are in control of the liabilities related to the barcode. You can use it to quickly learn about the quality of a particular barcode with no learning curve or initial expense.

Reasons Why Barcode Verification Is Important

The Benefits Of Barcode Verification

Barcode verification is crucial in maintaining your supply chain and earning you a good reputation. Below, we have outlined four main benefits of doing a barcode verification.

1). Controlling Quality

It is pretty expensive to reprint and reship corrected batches. Verifying barcodes alerts the verifiers about any printing issue as early as the production level. Printers monitor barcode verification results by pinpointing the problem areas of the code if its quality declines.

A good barcode indicates that the label is working well and that the code will be helpful in the supply chain. This will prevent cases of packaging waste and product returns.

2). Complying With The Contract Or Industry

In addition to improving the quality of the code, a verifier will also generate a report that certifies the quality of the particular code. This is why most regulated industries today require manufacturers to use barcode verifiers. The information is printed and stored in the archive to prove compliance with the requirements of the industry and contract. Using reputable verification software will also verify if the barcode data is formatted as per the applicable standards of the particular industry.

3). Satisfying the Customer

Major retailers usually issue expensive chargebacks and reject products that fail to meet their barcode readability standards. If your products are rejected, it can undermine your efforts to satisfy the customer. On the other hand, a scannable barcode will remove all errors experienced due to manual entry. As a result, this will cut your expenses and enhance intense customer satisfaction.

4). Reducing the Cost Of Reshipping

If your barcode fails to scan, you have to reprint, repack, and reship it, increasing the consumables cost. Proper barcode verification eliminates the risk of having high costs and wasted packaging.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative that the barcode’s format, data, and print quality is accurate for automated systems to work well.

The best way of verifying a barcode is using a barcode verifier. Typically, a scanner may fail to verify some types of codes, while a smartphone is not the best option to use.

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