Barcode Zapper 2D

Looking to upgrade your 2D barcode scanning capabilities? Look no further than the New Barcode Zapper 2D. Designed specifically with cost-sensitive general applications in mind, this high-performance scanner boasts superior reading capabilities and a sleek, durable design. Whether you’re looking to increase efficiency or simply enhance your store’s aesthetic appeal, the New Barcode Zapper 2D is the perfect solution.

  • Highly capable, durable, and user-friendly.
  • It can read challenging and problematic barcodes and 2D codes, including those on smartphone screens.
  • It provides multiple feedback options like sharp green aimer, audio and visual.
  • It has advanced features like multilingual data output, single scan configuration, advanced data processing.

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$245.30 (inc. GST)

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The Barcode Zapper 2D delivers superior performance, capturing a wide range of challenging barcodes that are typically encountered at checkout counters. The Barcode Zapper 2D scans paper labels, membership cards, and problematic barcodes, including those on smartphone screens. Its superior reading range and snappiness allow for near-contact reading and the capture of high-density barcodes from a distance. The scanner supports output in multiple languages, removing linguistic barriers and expanding business horizons.

Built with the user in mind, offering a rich user interface, practical features, and a sharp green aimer for quick targeting of barcodes. It is stylish, ergonomic, and durable, with a lightweight shaver-shaped form factor that minimizes user fatigue during repetitive tasks.

Includes a series of unique features designed to enhance the scanner’s intelligence, versatility, and performance, such as single scan setup via iCode, advanced data formatting, and complex data processing.

The Barcode Zapper 2D offers a no-compromise approach to performance, providing practical solutions to modern enterprise challenges and expanding the range of businesses. Its superior reading range, output in multiple languages, and rich user interface make it an ideal choice for diverse retail and commercial applications.

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