A Look at the Different Types of Denso Barcode Scanners

Different Types of Denso Barcode Scanners

Are you looking for barcode scanners for your business? Have you heard of the Denso brand but find its extensive range overwhelming? Take a look at our guide to the top Denso barcode scanners, and learn which ones may best suit your business.

Denso Has Something for Everyone

The Denso range of barcode scanners includes something for almost every business, from lightweight gun-grip scanners designed for retail use to more rugged designs ideal for event ticketing or use in more challenging environments. If you demand more functionality than simple barcode scanning, there’s something for you too. The BHT range includes QR-code reading and batch reading functionality.

Denso Gun-Grip Scanners

Denso AT-20B and GT-10B scanners are lightweight gun-grip style barcode scanners that are ideal for use in a retail environment where staff are scanning individual barcodes, but the barcodes are well-printed and clear. These ergonomically designed barcode scanners are fast and efficient, making them suitable for high-volume applications. The AT-10B is available in black (for warehouse and retail use) and white (for antibacterial environments).

The GT-10B is IP54 dust- and water-proof, so it’s ideal for use in construction, manufacturing, or even for scanning barcodes at outdoor events where a more traditional scanner may fail.

Denso Multifunction Barcode Scanners

In addition to traditional gun-grip scanners, Denso also produces a range of multifunction scanners with more sensitive cameras and more sophisticated barcode reading functionality. If you’re looking for a scanner that can read QR codes, or that has other more sophisticated functionality, the BHT range could suit you.

Denso BHT-S30: This rugged, sophisticated scanner is IP54 rated and drop-resistant up to 2.5 metres. It offers a 40-degree scanning angle and continuous scanning mode.

Denso BHT-600: This compact but rugged scanner is IP54 rated and has an LCD display and numeric keypad for data entry.

Denso BHT-1500: Weighing in at just 128 grams yet featuring a colour QVGA display, the BHT-1500 offers durability, portability and impressive functionality, making it ideal for use in demanding environments.

Denso BHT-M70: This barcode scanner is equipped with Android 10 and a small keypad, offering easy access to features for data entry as well as barcode and QR code scanning.

Denso BHT-M80: Another Android scanner, this device is touch-screen only. It features a 5″ screen, Android 10, 4G connectivity for voice calling and data use, and GPS functionality as well as access to a variety of apps for communication and barcode processing.

Different Types of Denso Barcode Scanners

Something for Everyone and Every Budget

The Denso range includes something for every type of business, from construction sites to medical facilities, retailers and events. When choosing a scanner, consider the cost, battery life, connectivity type, and the type of barcodes it’s designed to read. The ultralight AT and GT range are well suited to retail environments where the barcodes being read are clearly printed and have a predictable size.

If you’re going to need to read barcodes that may have been printed on a low-quality inkjet, or that could be dirty or slightly defaced/damaged, a BHT scanner may be a better choice. The BHT scanners also offer wider reading angles, so they’re a good option if you’re expecting your staff to have to read barcodes that are printed in difficult-to-reach areas on the package.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to know more about the Denso range or are considering investing in a set of barcode scanners for your business, contact us at ASP Microcomputers today for a consultation. Our team would be happy to discuss your needs and the pros and cons of the different scanners on the market. 

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