What Are Casio Handheld Terminals Used For?

Casio Handheld Terminals

Are you interested in handheld terminals for your business? Or would you like to find out more information on Casio handheld terminals? If so, keep reading to find out more on this subject. 

What Are Handheld Terminals?

Handheld terminals are similar to barcode scanners and have become vital information devices that enable retail, logistics, and field-service operators to connect systems and goods at different respective sites. The handheld terminal is loosely divided into three categories. 

These include the “PDA type” for data output and input-focused tasks, the “printer type” used for issuing onboard train tickets, reading public-utility meters, and issuing parking and traffic offence tickets, and the “grip type” which includes a bar code scanner built-in used in retailing and logistics. 

Handheld terminals are also divided into consumer-grade handheld terminals and industrial-grade terminals. The industrial-grade handheld terminals are used widely in retail, logistics, manufacturing, medical, energy, transportation, government, finance, and many other industries where it plays different roles. 

ASP Microcomputers currently stocks Casio handheld terminals. Available models include the Casio ET-L10, the Casio DT-X400, the Casio DT-X200, the Casio DT-970, and the Casio IT-G500.

What Are The Uses Of Handheld Terminals?

There are various purposes of handheld terminals in different industries. Here are some of the main ways handheld terminals are used in different industries:

1). Inventory Management

In retail supermarkets, handheld terminals also go by the name of inventory scanners or PDAs. They are used mainly in warehouse exit and entry management, goods inventory, and more with the aim of reducing work intensity and improving work efficiency. 

2). Logistics

In logistics, handheld terminals also go by the name of barcode scanners which are used mainly in site management, delivery management, transfer station management, and vehicle line management.

Casio Handheld Terminals

3). Inspection

In energy industries, handheld terminals are commonly used in water-supply pipeline inspections, power inspections, forest protection inspections, gas pipeline inspections, and more. Handheld terminals not only enhance inspection efficiency but can also standardise the operation standard and behaviour of the inspection, which significantly simplifies the complicated inspection processes that were used before. 

4). Healthcare

As one of the specialised industries with a drastically low tolerance for faults, barcoding in the medical device sector is one of the extremes when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. Through the use of intelligent handheld terminals, clinical data can be analysed, centralised, queried, and shared, which improves not only the overall quality relating to patient care but also the efficiency of the medical staff in general. 

The DT-X7 series is Casio’s latest handheld terminal that integrates the HCD (Human-Centered Design) methodology. Objectively analysing “usability”, Casio has claimed that they have managed to create a device that matches the most important practical requirements of users. 

Final Thoughts

Even though Casio is no longer available in the territory of New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, ASP Microcomputers still have new stock to choose from. The entire range of Casio products that ASP Microcomputers has sold since 2008 will continue to be supported, while spare parts associated with the majority of units will be available through Casio Japan up to 2025, which will allow ASP Microcomputers to still conduct repair units in this field. 

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