Asset Management is Critical for Public Institutions

While asset management is important for any type of institution it is particularly important for schools and other public institutions. Money is tight and you are responsible to the community for how you handle the resources you have. Unless you know where your assets are and who is using them then you are not doing everything you can to protect the money the public has allocated to you. The bright side is, it does not have to be difficult to establish a good asset management program. You need a couple of tools but when it’s all said and done it will make your job a whole lot easier.

Not only will today’s asset management systems allow you to know where your assets are located, you can monitor how old they are, what the status of warranty is, and what type of maintenance they have required. This can be very powerful when it comes to determining how to plan for the future. Think about it, if you don’t know what you have how can you decide what you need?

Implementing an effect asset management program doesn’t have to be difficult. When you select a management tool that allows for bar coding you can have your new system up and running in no time. For institutions with existing systems, a good new system will allow for uploading of the data you already keep. When it’s all said and done you’ll have one central system that has up to date and comprehensive records of all your assets. Not only will you save money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases, you’ll have an easier time when the annual budgeting process rolls around each year.

So what should you look for when you are purchasing an asset management software system? First and foremost your system should be easy to install and use. It doesn’t do you much good if the system you select is so difficult to use that your employees resist it. You also want to consider flexibility. Will the system you select handle multiple types of assets? Can it accommodate both assets that stay in one place such as desks and file cabinets as well as items that move around? This is particularly important if you need to track loaner equipment such as cameras and laptops.

Another critical feature in examining asset management tools is what type of resources it takes to run the system. Windows based systems are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is accessibility. Chances are your systems run Windows. When you purchase an off the shelf asset management system for the Windows platform you are assured that you have the computing power to handle it.

Of course the exact asset management system you select will depend on a lot of factors, the important thing is that you get a good system up and running as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more money you are leaving on the table. When you have your assets under control you can be assured that you are spending your money wisely and where you should be spending it.