Are Denso Barcode Scanners Wireless?

Are Denso Barcode Scanners Wireless

Denso is a leading brand in the world of automatic data capture equipment. They are renowned for their advanced technology and excellent quality of 1D and 2D barcode scanners. 

If you’re looking for a Denso barcode scanner, you might be wondering if they have any wireless models, and if so, what kinds of features these models have.  In this post, we’re going to cover all that and more! Feel free to keep reading to learn more.

Are Denso Barcode Scanners Wireless?

In short, yes, Denso barcode scanners are wireless. Most Denso barcode scanners today are wireless to make data entry easier, smarter, quicker, and more accurate. They also allow scanning from longer distances. 

Some renowned wireless Denso scanners are the AT27Q Series and GT-10Q series. These are compact, lightweight scanners that operate using Bluetooth technology. They boast high-speed scanning abilities which make them convenient for fast-paced working environments. Additionally, they are extremely durable and can withstand up to 2m drops, such as the rugged GT-10Q Series. 

It’s also working that not all Denso scanners are wireless. The Denso HC56 Series and Denso QS20P were corded scanners that, unfortunately, were recently discontinued. 

With that being said, it looks like Denso is embracing technology as it comes. Because of the user-friendliness of the wireless scanners, it’s easy to understand why Denso has discontinued the wired scanner series. 

As described by Fran Labun, Denso’s vice president of sales “The market is rapidly shifting toward mobile solutions. With the help of our new Bluetooth-enabled scanner, our clients can communicate wirelessly with both PCs and mobile devices, releasing them from being bound to a specific area.”

Are Wireless Barcode Scanners Better? 

Denso wireless scanners are popular mainly because of their convenience! Unlike corded handheld barcode scanners, wireless barcode permit you to travel long distances just like you would with a smartphone. 

As long as a wireless barcode scanner is within the connection range (WiFi, Bluetooth), it can communicate with a base and function as intended. This base is also used to charge the wireless scanner so it doesn’t run out of power. Using such a wireless barcode scanner saves you time and takes the guesswork out of entering products.  

The best part is that with Bluetooth technology, wireless barcode scanners can communicate with a wide range of products as long as they are also equipped with Bluetooth. Talk about user-friendliness, saving time and money, and increased accuracy! Denso wireless scanners can help manage your inventory faster with minimal error. 

Are Denso Barcode Scanners Wireless

Other Features of Denso Barcode Scanners 

Aside from enjoying the convenience of Denso’s wireless barcode scanners, here are some other features you can enjoy with this brand:

1). Compactness

Denso barcode scanners are compact, lightweight, and portable to reduce operator fatigue. Their size makes their handling easy in and around difficult-to-reach areas in warehouses, stores, and other places that undertake inventory management. 

2). High-Speed Scanning

Denso wireless barcode scanners aren’t just convenient but efficient too. They scan barcodes and relay information to the base at very high speeds, delivering improvements to any inventory management process. They can also scan multiple barcodes at once, speeding up the scanning process by 90%.

3). High-Durability

Denso 1D and 2D barcode readers feature rugged designs that can withstand dust and falls from around 2m high. They are ideal for harsh environments and will contribute to improving your business efficiency for a long time. 

4). Affordability

For such excellent quality and advanced technology, Denso barcode scanners are relatively inexpensive. Whether you’d like a stationary or handheld scanner, Denso barcode scanners are versatile for different uses within an acceptable price range. 

Picking The Right Denso Barcode Scanner for Your Needs: Let ASP Microcomputers Help

Denso, like all leading barcode scanner brands, has a lot to offer. Granted, these can be confusing to choose from. Fortunately, here at ASP Microcomputers, we are a licensed vendor of Denso barcode readers who are readily available to assist you. We have the ideal Denso barcode scanner for you, whether you’re looking for durability, functionality, memory, convenience of use, or other factors that are important to you. 

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