Casio DT-X30

Casio DT-X30

The new DT-X30GR-30C comes with wireless connectivity for real-time communication and accurate positioning via GPS, and other technologically innovated components including a 2.0 megapixel digital camera with auto focus. The terminal has been designed to be easy to operate and comfortable to scan. The DT-X30 was developed to enhance the efficiency in applications such as transportation, logistics, parking enforcement, meter readings, and in other industrial sectors.

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Wireless Connectivity for Communication in Real Time

To exceed today’s requirements in various industrial sectors, the new Casio DT-X30 series offers a wide range of wireless communication options via WWAN (EDGE, GPRS, GSM), WLAN (IEEE802.11b/g) and Bluetooth, and accurate positioning information via GPS. These features will enable office management staff to not only receive notification of loading and delivery completion from their drivers, but also to pinpoint the driver’s current location, enabling more efficient routing.

Wireless connectivity, together with other notable features, can lead to significant improvement in efficiency, for example in manpower and saving fuel cost in all industrial sectors including post office, private couriers, logistics, retail, parking enforcement, traffic infringement citations, meter readings, inspections, etc.

GPS Offers the Ultimate Solution for Fleet Control and Routing

The GPS feature on the DT-X30 series can provide positioning information from the terminal so that the user can transmit, in real time, his or her current position to the office via WWAN. This can significantly aid the efficient planning of routes and pickup points for such users as delivery drivers.

The GPS feature is available on the WWAN models of the DT-X30 series.

Easy to Operate and Comfortable to Scan

The designers of the DT-X30 series carefully took into consideration the opinions of users who carry and operate handheld terminals. The design of the external shape was developed using the ISO13407 Human-Centered Design process resulting in a rounded and dimpled form that fits naturally in anyone’s palm allowing the fingers to rest firmly in the groove on the back of the case. This grip-type shape allows the user to easily operate the terminal and comfortably hold it for long shifts without fatigue. This unique shape also allows the operator to aim the scanner at the correct angle first-time round for excellent scanning success.

There are three easy-to-use, coloured scanning trigger keys that ensure comfortable scanning regardless of how the user holds the terminal.

In addition to the innovative shape, the DT-X30 series employs a variety of improved scanning functions as standard that allows the terminal to scan all the industrial 1D and 2D symbologies widely used in enterprises today. See Specifications for details of the symbologies supported.

Superb Visibility in Direct Sunlight

Casio’s original 3.5-inch advanced 2-way QVGA color LCD features high contrast ratio, wide visible angle, intensified backlight, and low power consumption ensuring that information and images displayed on the screen are clear and easy to see in all light conditions.

For example, the LCD with touch panel can be used outdoors to capture the recipient’s signature on the screen during package deliveries even when exposed to direct sunlight. The touch panel features improved strength against excessive force.

2.0 Mega Pixel Camera with Autofocus and Flash

One of the outstanding features of the DT-X30 series is the 2.0 mega pixel digital camera with autofocus function. The camera enables the operator to capture clear photos of anything that might be needed as evidence of their work such as damaged carton boxes, copies of invoices, illegally parked vehicles and license plates, meter readings.

These images can then be transmitted back to head office in real time using the built-in WWAN radio. It is even possible to automatically record GPS co-ordinates as part of the image file data thus enabling you to pinpoint exactly where the images were taken. A bright LED flash is also included allowing photos to be taken in low light conditions.

Comprehensive Dust, Water-splash and Drop Test Assessments

The DT-X30 offers outstanding performance in all sorts of environments including situations where rough handling is likely. It is compliant with the IP67 level of dust and water-splash tests to the IEC60529 standard and is shock-resistant against drops to concrete from a height of up to 1.8 meters. It can operate in temperatures between -20°C and +50°C.

Assessment tests in these environments are carried out repeatedly so you can be confident that the terminal meets all the required criteria. This level of toughness means that the user can operate the terminal in all conditions – in the rain, in the extreme hot or cold, in dusty environments or in conditions where rough handling and knocks are likely.

Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and Windows Mobile 6.1

The DT-X30 series comes with either Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 R2 or Windows Mobile 6.1 which is dependant on the model purchased. Both widely used and reliable operating platforms have been developed by Microsoft specifically for industrial and enterprise devices, handheld scanners and PDAs. They feature excellent support for a wide range of development tools and ensure compatibility with the most common enterprise network infrastructures.

Furthermore, Casio’s own Software Development Kit (“SDK”) allows developers to have fine control over the specific hardware features such as Laser scanner, C-MOS imager, WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, and power control.

DT-X30 Specifications

Model Number GR‑30C GR‑30 R‑30 GR‑10 R‑10
CPU Marvell PXA320 624Mhz (maximum)
OS Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
or Windows Mobile 6.1
Memory RAM 128Mb
ROM 128Mb
Scanner Type CMOS Imager Laser
Readable Symbologies 1D GS1 Databar Omnidirectional (RSS‑14), GS1 Databar (RSS‑14) Truncated, GS1 Databar (RSS) Limited, GS1 Databar (RSS) Expanded, GS1‑128 (EAN128), Code 128, Code 93, Code 39, Code 11, EAN, UPC A/E, Codabar (NW7), ITF, MSI (Plessey), IATA, ISBT GS1 Databar Omnidirectional (RSS‑14), GS1 Databar (RSS‑14) Truncated, GS1 Databar (RSS) Limited, GS1 Databar (RSS) Expanded, GS1‑128 (EAN128), Code 128, Code 93, Code 39, EAN, UPC A/E, Codabar (NW7), ITF, MSI (Plessey), IATA, Industrial 2 of 5
Stacked GS1 Databar (RSS‑14) Stacked, GS1 Databar (RSS‑14) Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar (RSS) Expanded Stacked, Code 49, PDF417, Micro PDF, Composite, Codablock F, TLC39 GS1 Databar (RSS‑14) Stacked, GS1 Databar (RSS‑14) Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar (RSS) Expanded Stacked
Matrix Aztec, DataMatrix, MatrixCode, QR Code
Other Function Image Capturing
Display 3.5 inch Advanced 2‑way TFT LCD
(240 x 320 pixels) with touch panel
Input Keyboard Numeric (Alphabetic) keys, CLR, Execute, Cursor, Power ON/OFF, Fn, Function keys (F1‑F8)
Trigger Key 3 keys (centre, left and right)
Digital Camera Imagining Element 2.0M Pixels CMOS
Focusing Auto Focus
Other Function LED Flash
GPS Integrated Integrated
Interface Wireless WAN EDGE/ GPRS/ GSM
(Data only)
(Data only)
LAN IEEE802.11b/g
PAN Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR
Memory Slot MicroSD (SDHC) slot x 1
Infrared IrDA 1.3 Low power (maximum: 4Mbps)
Serial USB (Host/Client)
Speaker Built-in (monaural) as standard
Microphone Built-in (monaural) as standard
Power Supply Main Power Lithium-ion battery pack (7.4V / 2000mAh)
Memory Backup Lithium battery (rechargeable) on board
Size & Weight External Dimensions Approx 59.0 (87.0*) (W) x
242 (D) x 46.0 (49.0*) (H) mm
* this figure indicates the display section
Weight Approx
Durability Dust/ Splash proof IP67
Drop Durability 1.8m
Operating Temperature ‑20°C to 50°C

Cradles, Chargers, and Batteries

HA-G60IO USB Cradle
This optional cradle makes it possible to transfer data and files between the DT-X30 terminal and a PC via a USB interface. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor AD-S42120B.

HA-G62IO Ethernet Cradle
This optional cradle makes it possible to transfer data and files between the DT-X30 terminal and a PC via a USB or a LAN connection. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor AD-S42120B.

HA-G30CHG Cradle-type Battery Charger
This optional charger allows a battery pack installed in DT-X30 terminal to be charged without dismounting it from the battery compartment. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor AD-S42120B.

HA-G32DCHG Dual Battery Charger
This optional charger allows two battery pack to be charged at the same time. The dedicated AC adaptor, AD-S42120B, is required to power the charger. Using a single AC adaptor, multiple chargers can be built up to maximum 3 units for concurrently charging 6 battery packs.

HA-G35CHG Car Mounted Battery Charger
This optional charger can be installed in a vehicle for charging a battery pack installed in the DT-X30 terminal to be charged without dismounting it from the battery compartment.

AD-S42120BE AC Adapter for the Cradle
Input 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output 12VDC 3.5A

HA-G20BAT Large Capacity Battery Pack
Standard battery.

Casio DT-X30