Why Use A Wireless Barcode Scanner?

Have you ever walked into a grocery or retail store and noticed cashiers using a barcode scanner? The conventional barcode scanners you’ve noticed may have been the wired barcode scanner; however, did you know that nowadays there are wireless barcode scanners?

If you want to learn more about wireless barcode scanners and why you should use them, please continue reading as we explore this topic in my detail below.

What Is A Wireless Barcode Scanner?

A wireless barcode scanner functions similarly to a cordless phone. The scanner communicates with a base, which is connected to a computer. The base also charges the barcode scanner so that it doesn’t run out of power. This type of technological set up allows employees to use the wireless barcode scanner without needing to be in close proximity to the computer.

Many wireless barcode scanners today have also incorporated Bluetooth technology commonly used in cell phones and other electronic devices. Employees can now use the wireless scanner with the ability to communicate with various Bluetooth-equipped products. This may also include the base that comes with the scanner or computer itself. 

With wireless barcode scanners, managing inventory has never been easier and is now much less error-prone. You can save much more time and money because of this, and even allow for easier transactions that can travel further. When it comes to bulky items, wireless scanners are ideal as bulky items are often hard to scan. 

Why Use Wireless Barcode Scanner

Advantages Of Wireless Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners have several advantages. Some of these advantages include the following:

1). Enhanced Mobility

Mobility is one of the primary benefits of wireless barcode scanners. They are equipped with a base that has a predetermined distance from which it can be used away from the computer it is connected to. This allows employees to roam more freely when using the barcode scanner. Additionally, not having to deal with codes makes the scanner much more maneuverable, which is beneficial for confined spaces such as in warehouses or small shops.

2). Improved Productivity

Barcode scanners are widely used in many businesses from many industries. This is because it helps save employee time tracking, and with reduced time comes opportunities for productivity in other areas of the business. Compared to manual data entries, barcode technology can enter data 20,000 times more accurately and 20 times faster.

3). Increased Accuracy

Wireless barcode scanners greatly reduce the chances of human error. Barcode technology is said to have an average of only one error for every 3,000,000 characters, which makes it incomparably more accurate than manual data entry.

Why Use Wireless Barcode Scanner

4). Greater Work Efficiency

Wireless barcode scanners are efficient because they are easier to use. This helps reduce labour costs and improve conditions in your bottom line. Additionally, workers can move more quickly and easily from one item and task to another.

5). Durability

Wireless barcode scanners are designed to be sustainable and long-lasting, especially since they deal with a lot of mobility and moving around the workplace. Accidents like the scanner being dropped can occur, which is why durability is carefully considered in the design process of wireless barcode scanners. Since they designed to withstand multiple drops, wireless barcode scanners are truly beneficial to your business.


Barcodes and barcode scanners are very popular. You probably won’t be able to escape grocery or retail stores without coming across a barcode scanner. With the latest advancements in barcode scanner technology, wireless barcode scanners have arrived to deliver mobility, productivity, accuracy, efficacy, and durability. With these benefits, your business will be able to focus on other important aspects and maximise the potential growth that is in store for you.

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