Tips, Tools And Techniques For Better Stocktaking Results

Are you getting the best results possible when you conduct your stocktakes? If not, let’s take a look at some simple tips, tools and techniques to get better results.

Stocktaking helps your business grow if it is done correctly. If you want the information from a cycle count to be useful, it needs to be counted and captured accurately.

There is also the matter of keeping everything organised in terms of stock levels in the warehouse, which is another reason why stocktaking is so important.

For business owners that want to get the most out of every stocktake, this article will discuss the following:

  • Valuable Tips For Stocktakes
  • Advice On Tools
  • Suggested Techniques

Stocktaking Tips

Proper Planning – A stocktake that is not planned or organised can either be totally useless, or it can create issues that are not even there in the first place.

In other words, do not attempt a stocktake cycle on a whim and expect the results to help you in any way. Take a few days to think about the factors, as well as the best timing to execute the count.

Focus On Staying Organised – Whether you do regular stocktakes on a monthly basis or once a year, it is essential to remain organised. And this is done by using the right tools and equipment, which is discussed a little later.

Have A System In Place – Not every business model can follow the same stocktake system. Hence the reason for assessing your particular scenario, and coming up with a good system to implement for stock monitoring purposes.

Advice On The Tools

Reliable And Durable – Firstly, the scanners that are used should be comfortable to hold. At the same time, the triggers of the scanners are meant to make the whole process a lot easier.

And while you look at these, think about how long the scanner can be used. For instance, do you have to charge the scanner every five hours? Or can you get a quality scanner that lasts for thirty hours?

Easy To Use – A stocktake can get complicated enough on its own, why add the complexity of working with the scanners? Try to stick with tools that will not require special training.

Chances are you or your staff are going to operate the scanners, and the last thing you want is frustration when capturing or scanning.

Tools Should Be Accurate In Challenging Conditions – Certain barcodes are tougher for scanners to read. This is especially true if the barcode is not in the best condition from getting moved around the warehouse or the delivery truck.

Either way, you want tools that can work past this problem and remain accurate.

Some Suggested Technique

Separate Stock In Designated Areas – Do your best to keep stock set for counting in a designated area or space. This makes it easier to stay organised and in charge of the situation, especially when the counts are not matching up with the numbers on the system.

Set Clear Instructions – Make sure everyone involved with the stocktake are clear about their role. Who does the counting? Who reads the data into the system? Who handles the backup counts? Use your staff wisely and be specific about their duties.

Use Modern Options – When you have the best tools at your disposal to make stocktaking quicker and more accurate, why not use them? Go ahead and look at what the market currently offers for business owners like yourself.

You will be very surprised at the options you have available to you.

Final Recommendation

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