• “Being quite used to long delays in affecting repairs because of such distance involved, we were impressed with the speed of your service something most local companies could not match.”


    Anne Kippin, Teacher Librarian, White Rocks State School, Earlville, Qld

  • “Telstra had a need to replace the current Barcode Reader technology used for our Payphone coin collection and serviceability recording across the nation. Searching nationwide for a supplier we came across ASP who has a proven track record with experience, knowledge and costs unequalled by any other supplier. … All concerns raised were quickly put to rest as ASP staff came up with suggested solutions time and time again. Their intimate knowledge of the product and their contacts with different manufacturers appeared to be endless. I have never seen a group of people work so well as a team to deliver a superior product.

    Working with ASP I have noticed their: knowledge of Barcode Reader technology; customer support; delivery; pricing; and their innovation, to be unmatched by any other supplier I approached.

    It is a pleasure to be able to deal with such a professional group of people and I can recommend ASP Microcomputers without hesitation to any business wishing to move into the field of barcode reading technology.”

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