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    ASP Microcomputers has been supporting Australian businesses for 44 years. By partnering with leading industry brands we supply our client with the best technology available in the industry. We understand the need to continually improve our product range and solutions. ASP's strength lies in our committed staff, client focus, broad experience and skill set with a wide range of Data Technologies, and ethical approach to business and or brands.

  • Hardware (129)

    We have long standing relationships with the major hardware vendors and have access to most hardware required by our clients. We have selected a range of our most popular hardware but can’t possibly list them all. So if there is something you are looking for which isn’t listed, then just send us a note or pick up the phone and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist.

  • Software
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    ASP is more than just hardware. We write a variety of Utilities. Truetype Barcode Fonts, Label+ to simply print barcodes sequences, a Barcode Logging program, TimeSheet Express to look after Time and Attendance, and our ASPKey+ utility, that takes data received on a PC COM port and makes it appear on the PC screen as though typed in! And we have more including Bluetooth and GSM phone solutions.

  • Past Models
    Past Models (24)

    These past models are typically not available as new units any more but may still be repairable. Most models would have a new model as their replacement and be listed in our main product pages. Please contact us should you require any clarification on the units listed here.