ZipNet Terminal

ZipNet Terminal

With ASP’s rugged ZipNet Terminal, staff clock in and out with the simple touch of an IDTag, or optionally with a barcoded plastic card.

A “good read” is immediately signalled by a “beep” and on the screen of the Terminal. The data is then stored, avoiding errors, saving a lot of double handling, and allowing the use of time-saving software such as TimeSheet Express V3.

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Physically the size of an Australian power point, the ZipNet Terminal is easily installed either horizontally or vertically. It can be networked using the RS485 standard (allowing up to 1.2 kilometres of cable!), or it can be used in the innovative Direct Download mode (download via ASP DataTag). The latest model of the ZipNet Terminal has a number of great new features:

  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • The Clock/Calendar is now internal, no need for network updates.
  • Increased memory size.
  • Simpler click-in “Cat 5” type cabling.
  • Data can be downloaded onto a rugged ASP DataTag, just touch to the front of the terminal (Direct Download).
  • Data can optionally be downloaded by modem.
  • Sub-networks can be wired to PCs to integrate to ethernet backbones.
  • Control program is contained in upgradeable flash memory.

What is an IDTag?

An IDTag is a computer chip enclosed in a 16mm thick stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable container, an IDTag can travel with a person anywhere they go. The steel iButton is small and portable normally attached to a key fob (as shown on the right), and is designed to be used daily for applications such as time and attendance or access control.

IDTags are rugged, waterproof and can be conveniently attached to a keyring, and they can be recycled when staff leave. The IDTags cannot be copied; and each is unique. Key fobs are black as standard, other colours are available on special order.

RS485 Networking

Up to 31 units can be daisy-chained on up to 1.2 kilometres of low cost “Cat 5” cable. Note that although Cat 5 cable is used commonly for ethernet networks, RS485 is a different standard, designed to go long distances, and you cannot directly connect the ZipNet Terminal to an ethernet network. Back at the PC, the cable is connected to an Smart RS-485 Adaptor to convert from the RS485 standard to the RS232 (COM Port) standard used by the PC. If your network has only a short cable, say up to 20 metres, you can even draw power over the network, saving finding a power point near the Terminal.

Direct Download Mode

The new Direct Download capability means that Terminals can be installed without the cost of wiring back to a host computer. Just plug the ZipNet into a power point. Data is simply collected periodically by touching a special ASP DataTag to the front of the ZipNet. Download takes only a few seconds, and is monitored on the ZipNet’s display. Back at the PC, slide the DataTag into a small drive, and the data is immediately transferred. An ASP TimeTag, also part of the Direct Download Kit, can carry synchronised time from a PC to the Terminal.

Combined with TimeSheet Express V3, you could be up and running in an afternoon, and yet you can expand and enhance your ZipNet installation at any time. Follow this link to find out how.

For more details on this VERY AFFORDABLE System, give ASP a call. We’ll help you plan and cost the alternatives, and analyse the benefits.