TimeSheet Express

It doesn’t cost much to move over to the benefits of ASP Electronic Time & Attendance. You’ll be saving time and frustration for your payroll staff, and you’ll have better tracking of your largest business expense.

Whether you rely on staff doing the “right thing” and pay them the same every week, or grapple with checking time cards or time sheets, you’ll benefit from ASP’s low cost electronic Time and Attendance solutions.

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Our solutions are very easy to use. Staff members are issued with a barcoded card or an IDTag that fits on their keyring. Or, with our new Zip-ID Terminal, they can use a keyring RFID tag or their own finger. To clock in or out, they touch their finger on the reading screen of the Zip-ID terminal, or slide their card along the slot in the ZipNet Terminal, or touch their IDTag or RFID tag to the front of the Terminal. With the Zip-ID Terminal, they can also indicate the department or cost centre that they are working in using the keypad.

  • Zip-ID Fingerprint or RFID Terminal
  • ZipNet Terminal compact time clock
  • TimeSheet Express V3 easy PC program
  • Exports to Payroll Programs and Services
  • Proudly made in Australia

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You will be downloading version 3.29o of TimeSheet Express.



“ASP came up with the Roster option after seeing how we worked. Paul from ASP was running a Training Session for us and said he thought ASP could make this even easier for us. Then a few weeks later they got us in to show their new Roster option, and it was brilliant! We have eliminated human error, saved ourselves a lot of time, and we’re really happy. ASP took the time to look at what we were doing and come up with improvements we didn’t even dream of.”

ASP Microcomputers and Signature Software team up to deliver an intuitive stocktake solution for Telstra Retail Stores.

“I continue to be impressed… we have 3 locations and we have had to undertake quite a few processes to complete our monthly stock takes. Firstly we had to have all staff stay back for a minimum of 5 hours after work to run a complete store stock take. Then we were informed of a new portable barcode scanner, the Casio DT-X7. Our monthly stock takes are now completed in less than 1 hour… I couldn’t believe how efficient and quick it was to perform a stock take. I never thought it would be possible and I cannot thank you guys enough for introducing us to such a great product and offering the highest level of support.”
Sarah Wilson,
Operations Manager
TLS Malvern & Moonee Ponds


There are almost 200 Telstra Licensed Stores and Telstra Dealers Australia wide. These businesses sell mobile communication devices and service contracts under the Telstra brand name. In addition they sell home and consumer products for the fixed and data networks.

Stocktakes are usually conducted monthly, and need to be done quickly and without errors. Users need to count serialised and non-serialised inventory, as well as having a visual reference between the stock scanned and its corresponding description in the PC program.

Signature Software is an Australian-based company with over ten years experience in the support and development of business application software. Signature’s flagship product, the ICE Business System, has been developed specifically for use in the office equipment, telephone systems and mobile phone industries.

Project Objective

Develop a reliable and simple to use portable stocktake solution which integrates to the inventory management area of the ICE business system.


  • Windows® CE portable barcode scanner
  • Custom built scanner program using Windows® .NET environment
  • Scanner program fully integrated into ICE inventory management PC program


  • Stocktake time reduced from five hours to one hour – an 80% saving
  • Search for products by description from the scanner
  • Freedom to move around the store
  • Easy to use, light, ergonomic and durable portable laser scanner
  • High clarity colour display

Hardware and Software

  • Casio DT-X7M10E Portable Barcode Reader
  • Signature Software ICE Integrated Business Software
  • ASP Stocktake Manager Scanner Software