RS38 Series

Introducing CipherLab’s RS38 touch mobile computers, designed to empower mobile workers across various industries with seamless access to vital information. Boasting cutting-edge wireless technologies like 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and CBRS, these devices guarantee rapid connectivity for professionals in logistics, retail, and beyond.

Featuring a spacious 6-inch screen, the RS38 minimizes scrolling by displaying more content at once, optimizing efficiency for users on the move. Its sleek design, achieved through advanced manufacturing techniques, ensures durability without compromising on portability, perfectly suited for dynamic work environments.

Equipped with state-of-the-art processors and memory, the RS38 delivers exceptional performance, with planned support for Android versions 13 through 18. CipherLab’s ReMoCloudTM streamlines operations, amplifying frontline worker productivity while simplifying IT management throughout the device’s lifecycle.

Ideal for:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Retail
  • Warehousing

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Unmatched Performance and Connectivity Indoors and Outdoors
Experience exceptional performance with the Qualcomm® QCM4490 octa-core processor, empowering frontline workers to manage demanding and multitasking applications with ease. Enjoy up to 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of flash storage, and expandable storage options through a MicroSD card slot. With Wi-Fi 6E and 5G, mobile workers benefit from faster speeds, while support for CBRS private networks enables private and geographically restricted LTE/5G connectivity in large indoor and outdoor facilities.
High-Speed UHF RFID Reader Boosts Efficiency
The RS38 handheld terminal offers an optional UHF RFID reader, capable of reading a wide RFID range and processing up to 1300 tags per second. This feature is advantageous for retail, logistics, and delivery workers, enabling them to streamline tasks such as inventory management, asset tracking, and real-time item location tracking.
Built-in OCR Technology Optimizes Workflows and Minimizes Errors
The RS38’s built-in OCR scanner captures and converts text into digital data, optimizing logistics and retail operations. It effectively captures data from various sources, such as logistics documents, tire identification numbers (TIN), expiry dates, driver’s licenses, and utility meters, reducing manual errors and enhancing data accuracy. With its multiple data capture methods, the RS38 significantly enhances work productivity and efficiency.
Versatile Scanning Options and High-Quality Imaging
The RS38 offers two scanning options: standard range SE4100 and SE4770, or advanced range SE5500, catering to different scanning requirements, whether for close-up or long-range scanning, up to 12 meters away*. Moreover, equipped with a 16 MP PDAF camera, it excels at capturing sharp, detailed images even in challenging low-light or fast-moving conditions, making it perfect for documenting proof of delivery, condition, and other related purposes.
Excelling in Harsh Environments
With IP65 and IP68 ratings and drop resistance of 1.5 meters (1.8 meters with rubber boot), the RS38 handheld computer is engineered to excel in demanding environments without sacrificing sleek, ergonomic design. It can withstand accidental drops and provide peace of mind to workers in rainy conditions, in the field, or in dusty warehouses.
Comfortable Mobility and Uninterrupted Operation
The RS38 delivers a compact and lightweight design, providing comfortable carry for mobile workers during their shifts. Offering two battery options – standard 4500 mAh and extended 6800 mAh – along with hot-swap capability, it safeguards against data loss or operational interruptions. With over 14 hours of operating time, the RS38 ensures continuous workflow for frontline workers.
Efficient Viewing and Operating While on Duty
The large 6-inch touchscreen, with a bright 630-nit display, facilitates viewing more information without the need for continual scrolling, even in bright light. It supports stylus, bare hand, or gloved operation, and remains functional in rainy conditions, ensuring frontline and delivery workers can work without interruptions.
Efficient Device Deployment and Management with ReMoCloud
ReMoCloud supports Google Zero-touch enrollment for large-scale deployment. Simply scan the barcode for swift device setup. Its Geofencing capability helps IT managers locate misplaced or stolen devices, protecting critical information and assets. Additionally, its Remote Control feature empowers IT managers to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot devices, reducing support costs and enhancing overall device availability.