Objective Remote Census app

Objective Remote Census app

ASP’s Remote Census App, in conjunction with Objective’s Remote Census Module (OBJRCM), allows you to perform updates of physical objects within Objective, such as reassigning custody of files, changing home and current locations of objects, and changing the repository an object resides in.

OBJRCM can generate reports that tell the user what actions will be performed in the bulk update function before the updates are actually run in Objective.

OBJRCM can also generate reports that tell the user if there are discrepancies between the physical objects and the data in Objective.

This app allows you to collect data to enable the Objective Remote Census Module (OBJRCM) to perform:

• Remote Census by either User or Current Location
• Transfer Custody of a record to a User
• Transfer a Record to another (Current) Location
• Change a Record’s Repository

Note that this app performs data collection only. It does not perform data validation of an input or scan (e.g. checking that a repository exists in Objective, before allowing the repository to be changed).

Our Objective Remote Census app is now available in the Google Play Store.

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ASP’s Remote Census app, which operates in conjunction with Objective’s Remote Census Module (OBJRCM), is currently available for the CipherLab RK25 scanner.

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