Casio IT-9000

Casio IT-9000

The IT-9000 is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal equipped with a built-in thermal printer and near field communication (NFC) reader/writer designed for contactless smart cards and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. Options include a C-MOS Imager for scanning 1D and 2D symbologies, a magnetic card reader, 3G wireless WAN capable of high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), GPS capabilities, and a colour auto-focus digital camera.

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The IT-9000 handheld printer terminal – functionality, reliability and usability in a single terminal

The IT-9000 delivers multi-functionality to perform a variety of work operations in a single device. A rugged body suitable for even demanding outdoor use, equipped with a high-speed thermal printer, 3G wireless WAN, and C-MOS imager for barcode reading. In addition, the IT-9000 has enhanced the security features to prevent information leaks. The IT-9000 provides total support to increase the efficiency of on-site business operations such as meter reading and traffic violation control.

High-Speed Thermal Printer

The IT-9000 has a built-in high-speed thermal printer that provides to print up to 28 lines per second* to dramatically boost work speed and efficiency. In addition, text size and fonts can be changed to suit the printer content.
* In the case of 1-ply roll paper, new batteries (fully charged), and room temperature operation

Wireless WAN for Outdoor Use*

The IT-9000 realises real-time communication with a built-in 3G wireless WAN module* for high-speed data transmission (HSDPA) and voice communication. In addition, GPS capabilities make it possible to acquire positional information. The IT-9000 is a highly flexible handheld printer terminal that supports wide-ranging applications in field operations. For instance, operators can record the completion of meter reading together with positioning information.
* IT-9000-GMC25E/GC25E/G25E/G05E

Built-In Magnetic Card Reader*

The IT-9000-GMC25E is equipped with modules for reading magnetic cards for membership cards, credit cards and other cards. The card reader improves efficiency in outside work by enabling workers to send server inquiries from the spot to obtain member information, employee ID information, and other data.
* IT-9000-GMC25E

Built-In 2D Imager*

Some models are equipped with a C-MOS imager that can read 2D barcodes symbologies. The imager also supports reading of GS1 DataBar, the newest barcode standard (barcodes and stacked codes).
* IT-9000-GMC25E/GC25E/G25E/25E

Built-In NFC Reader/Writer with SAM Slot

The IT-9000 is equipped with a reader/writer that supports NFCIP2, the latest short-distance wireless communication standard, and supports recognition of contactless smart cards such as FeliCa® and MIFARE® and ISO15693-compliant RFID tags(13.56MHz). A built-in antenna at the top of the device enables seamless interaction with the target smart card. A SAM (Secure Access Module) slot comes as a standard feature for applications requiring a high level of security, such as prevention of unauthorised smart card use.

A Variety of Expansion Features

USB connector – the terminal is equipped with a USB connector that supports USB host/client. This expands the range of use of handheld terminals by enabling connection with external devices or cradleless connection with a PC.

SD card slot – the terminal comes with an SD card slot (SDHC-compatible) as a standard feature for use in applications such as operation with a high-capacity stored database for backup data or expansion of user memory.

Bluetooth®2.0 – Bluetooth® Ver.2.0 (Class 2) is integrated as a standard feature. This makes possible voice communication using wireless headsets.

High-Resolution VGA LCD with Excellent Visibility for Outdoor User

The IT-9000 is equipped with a Blanview® LCD, a 3.7-inch colour transmissive TFT LCD with an easy-to-operate touch panel. The display provides excellent visibility indoors and in direct sunlight, and VGA-compatible high resolution (640x480pixels) supports high-definition image display content. In addition, power consumption of the backlight is only about one-third that of semi-transmissive LCDs.

Keyboard Designed and Built for Comfortable Operation

The larger backlit keyboard ensures accurate key operation in a dark environment such as a warehouse. Since the keys are printed on the inside, the markings do not wear off. Text input using the number keys is possible.

2.0 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus*

A 2.0 megapixel colour digital camera is integrated in some models of the IT-9000. With its powerful autofocus feature, this camera can capture high quality images for such tasks as identifying damaged goods, document capture and vehicle license number identification. The capturing of digital images can be incorporated seamlessly into the work-flow of the application without the need to use a separate camera or reconcile images and data records from two different devices. The potential for enhancement to solutions, and increases in efficiency are virtually limitless.
* IT-9000-GMC25E/GC25E

Excellent Environmental Durability

Casio designed the IT-9000 to deliver the usability required for outdoor work. The rugged body offers improved impact resistance to withstand drops of 1.5 meters, ensuring the high durability necessary for use even under conditions of rough handling. The terminal is compliant with IP54* dust and water-splash proof standards and designed to ensure trouble-free operation in demanding environments such as heavy rain and sandy or dusty places. In addition, it is suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures or under the blazing sun (operating temperature range of -20°C to 50°C).
* Water splashed against the device from any direction has no harmful effects when all covers for connectors, etc. are closed

Human-Centered Design in the Uncompromising Pursuit of Usability

The IT-9000 reflects human-centered design processes applied in product development in the uncompromising pursuit of ease of use. It is surprisingly compact and light in weight for a fully featured multifunctional handheld terminal with built-in printer. The terminal was designed to be comfortable to hold it for long shifts without fatigue and to provide excellent operability in outdoor environments. The rounded form of the lower part of the device and the 79-mm grip length make the IT-9000 just the right shape and size for a secure grip. The centre of gravity is optimised to fit naturally in anyone’s palm. The result is a device that places little strain on the hand even during long hour operation.

Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5

The IT-9000 series comes with Windows Mobile® Version 6.5 as the operating platform. Two editions are available: Professional for WWAN models and Classic for other models. This is the latest platform for mobile devices and PDAs and is ideally suited for use as a basis for an enterprise or business solution. Windows Mobile 6.5 brings you the latest enhancements to the PDA user interface, allows efficient handling of various wireless technologies and opens up the possibility to run existing commercially available packages and software for the Windows Mobile family of devices.

Remote Security Features*

Models equipped with a wireless WAN have features such as terminal lock, data erasure, location search, and other security features operable by remote control that prevent leakage of important data due to device loss or theft. For optimal security, these features can be used even when the terminal is switched off or out of service.
* IT-9000-GMC25E/GC25E/G25E/G05E

Log-In Authentication

The IT-9000 supports smart card-based log-in security that prevents unauthorized use, by requiring log-in authentication using employee ID cards in addition to passwords.

Enhanced Security Features

Automatic Erasure of Local Data – the terminal has a function for automatically erasing data if the user does not log-on at a specified time. This prevents information leakage in the event of device loss.

Media Security – a security lock can be applied to SD cards used to store data to block information leakage.

IEEE802.11b/g Wireless LAN

The IT-9000 has an integrated IEEE802.11b/g wireless LAN module. It is WPA2-compliant to ensure secure wireless communication and also supports the TKIP and AES encryption methods and authentication using 802.1x (PSK, PEAP, EAP-TLS). These communication features provide a high level of security to support worry-free real-time operation.

Net Search Wireless LAN Tool

The IT-9000 is equipped with Net Search, a support tool useful in the construction of wireless environments. It displays the channel usage of each access point as well as SSID, signal strength, and other information necessary for the crowded 2.4GHz band. Net Search has excellent capabilities as a radio wave environment measurement tool.

Cradles, Chargers, and Batteries

HA-L62IO Ethernet Cradle
This optional cradle allows download and upload of system and file data between IT-9000 terminal and a PC via USB or LAN connection. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor, AD-S42120B, for its operating power and power to charge batteries installed in the terminal.

HA-L30CHG Cradle-type Battery Charger
This optional charger allows a battery pack installed in IT-9000 terminal to be charged without dismounting it from the battery compartment. It requires the dedicated AC adaptor, AD-S42120B, for its operating power and power to charge batteries in the terminal.

HA-L35CHG Vehicle Battery Charger
This optional charger can be installed in a vehicle for charging a battery pack (HA-G20BAT) installed in IT-9000 terminal to be charged without dismounting it from the battery compartment. Car Power Cable is required to power the charger.

HA-D32DCHG Dual Battery Charger
This optional charger allows two pieces of battery pack (either HA-D20BAT or HA-D21LBAT or combined) to be charged at the same time. The dedicated AC adaptor, AD-S42120B, is requited to power the charger. Using single AC adaptor, multiple chargers can be built up to maximum 3 units for concurrently charging 6 battery packs.

AD-S42120B AC Adaptor
Rated input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Rated output: 12 VDC 3.5A
Weight: approximately 270g

HA-G20BAT Battery Pack
Type: Lithium-ion battery
Rated capacity: 2,000 mAh
Rated output voltage: 7.4 V
Weight: approximately 110 g