Denso BHT-S30

Denso BHT-S30

• Equipped with Denso Wave proprietary BHT-OS
• Improved Scanning – New 40˚ Scanning Angle
with Continuous scanning
• 2.4 Inch Screen, IP54, 2.5 metre drop rate
• Standard 3 Year Warranty
• Compact & Light Weight 233g inc Battery
• Available in 1D or 2D
• Includes battery, battery cover and USB comms/charge cable

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Feature of BHT-S30


BHT-OS for long-term support

BHT-OS, our own developed OS, has the efficient system structure that ensures stable operation. We provide support for BHT-OS on a continual basis so that customers can use the terminals for a long time with peace of mind.

2.4-inch compact screen

S30 is highly portable and can used for real-time product picking in a warehouse, being equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi communication function.

High compatibility with conventional models

Apps used on other BHT-OS-based models can be used without changing the screen layout.
*in compatible mode

Lineup of models

The other model, BHT-S40 has 3.2-inch large screen and it can be used selectively according to the place of use and usage. The large WVGA screen provides high legibility and is suitable for use at stores to increase the efficiency of product ordering, etc.


Light and comfortable to use.

Large LED with high visibility

Easy to recognize the completion of reading and error messages even while working in a place where the screen visibility is limited. The display color was selected in consideration of the diversity of people’s color vision.

Easy-to-press keys

The dome-shaped keys are laid out in a manner which enables smooth data entry.
The scan key is large enough for error-free operation.

Universal design

We have adopted universal colors and universal fonts in consideration of the diversity of people’s color vision, thereby making it a handy terminal that is easy to use for many people.

Optimal center of gravity design for comfort of use

The total length is minimized, and the battery, screen and reader are laid out in an optimal manner to achieve a center of gravity design that provides comfort of use.

Easy to hook your finger around

Shaped in a manner that makes it easy to hook your index finger onto it.

Uniquely designed for easy gripping

The width of the grip is minimized to make it easier to grip it even with the smaller hand of a woman. A cylindrical battery is adopted to give the grip an easier-to-grip shape. You can therefore use it for many hours without feeling stress on the hand.

Easy-to-replace battery

You can easily open/close the battery compartment simply by pressing the “PUSH” button on the cover.


Scan faster, works harder.

Equipped with a new decode engine and high-density sensor, BHT-S40 provides
outstanding scanning performance.
The high-performance CPU adopted for the device enables high-speed processing.

Just “trace” for serial scanning

By adopting a new decode engine, we have more than doubled the scanning speed compared with conventional products.

With the terminal, you only need to trace the labels of items on the shelves and those of stacked items for serial scanning.

You can also perform inventory work, which usually takes a whole day, in half the time.
*Only for 2D code models

Just “aim” for easy scanning

Can easily read the label (code) from a distance of 1m

We have adopted a high-density sensor so that codes can be read without fail even from a distance. Read codes easily while holding the terminal in a comfortable position without the need to stand up or crouch down repeatedly. Codes can be read easily even through glass.
*Only for 2D code models

Needs no skills for reading

The laser marker, which provides high visibility even under the sun, eliminates the need to acquire skills to read labels covered with wrapping films and enables reading labels outdoors.

Can read even difficult-to-read labels

We have adopted a new decode engine and high-density sensor and designed the optimal angle for operability in a comfortable position with no specular reflection effect. As a result, even labels covered by wrapping film, blurred/stained/deformed labels, and DPM codes can be read by the terminal.
*Only for 2D code models


Supports a comfortable work environment.

Direct charging supported

Widely used Type-C cable supported, allowing recharging with mobile batteries.

Usable for many hours with peace of mind

The unique power-saving design prolongs the operation hours. Moreover, two types of batteries can be used according to the usage.

Detection of battery deterioration to prevent related incidents

The terminal detects battery deterioration and warns you when to replace.

Higher communication speed for higher operational efficiency

IEEE 802.11 ac supported for high-speed communication. You can use the terminal with peace of mind even in the most advanced infrastructure environment.


Outstanding robustness.

Outstanding robustness

Durable against 2.0-meter drops. The polycarbonate body is light and highly resistant to shocks.

Able to withstand harsh environments

With IP 54-compliant, you can use the terminals outdoors as well as in dusty factories with peace of mind.


  1. 1. BHT, the QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
  2. 2. The outer appearance and specifications of the products might be changed for improvement without prior notice.