Denso BHT-1800

Denso BHT-1800

Smartphone-type model equipped with a 5.0-inch large screen along with a front camera.

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Creation of new value in addition to Higher Operational Efficiency

The combination of Android 4G LTE, and Google Mobile Service integrated with a range of application software creates unlimited new value in addition to increase in existing operations efficiency.


Robust Enough to Keep Operations on Track


Withstands Drops from Height of 2.5m

The terminals are built to be robust, smart terminals with lightweight stylish design. The pursuit of a robust yet lightweight design has resulted in terminals that do not need unnecessary components.

Strong Yet Lightweight Materials

The frame is made from a highly rigid, yet light magnesium alloy while the corners of the main unit, which are most likely to be subject to damage, have a more optimal design. The exterior jacket with few seems is made from durable polycarbonate and protects the terminal from dust and water droplets.

Protection Level as High as IP67 Achieved by Advanced Sealing Technology

For higher protection against dust and water droplets, high-performance sealing materials developed by DENSO for manufacturing of automotive components are adopted for the numeric keypad, side key, battery cover and other components to ensure the correct functioning of the terminal even under unfavorable conditions.

Tempered Glass Provides Strength and Visibility

For the display, chemically strengthed Dragontrail® PRO glass panel is adopted to protect the screen from external pressure and drop-related shocks. The display is also very hard and highly resistant to scratches, ensuring the terminal’s usability even in punishing environments.


Superior Reading Performance Realizes High Efficiency


New, More Powerful Reading Module

A new module which can read codes at a distance of 35mm. The module will not read codes by mistake and can read even stained, blurred or distorted codes instantly, eliminating the need for repeated scaning.

Exclusive CPU for Stable Scanning Performance

In addition to the quad-core CPU for running application software, an exclusive CPU is mounted to the terminal for reading and decoding. This allows multiple high-load applications to be run on the terminal while the scanner is reading codes smoothly and promptly.


Easy to Use for On-site Workers


Check the Terminal’s Screen While Scanning

Based on our experience at a wide-range of worksites, DENSO WAVE developed the uniquely angled scan head for the reading module.

Customizable for Better Use

In addition to the trigger key, multiple magic keys are arranged on the side of the terminal for flexible key assignment of frequently-used functions. “Touch Trigger” can also be placed in an easy-to-tap position on the screen.

Touch Panel Operable with Gloves on

The capacitance multi-touch panel is intended for smooth operation. The user can readily operate the touch panel even while wearing gloves, thanks to the technology adopted to give the screen high sensitivity.

5.0-inch large screen along with a front camera

High visibility 5.0-inch large screen with front camera expands the applications of hand-held terminal.

Central Management of BHT Devices Across the World with Software

The BHT DMS(Device Management System) is composed of a client application designed to run on terminal and a management application on a PC. The DMS is used to manage the terminal, update the application software and OS, transmit master files and others, and collect result files. Central management based on a network will reduce the burden imposed on the system administrator.