Denso BHT-800

Denso BHT-800

The Denso BHT-800 Series offers outstanding high-speed scanning performance. Thanks to the use of CCD technology, even poor-quality barcodes can be reliably read. The high-resolution (QVGA) LCD color display and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to use. At the same time, great emphasis has been placed on robust and durable design characteristics – the BHT-800 is the only device in its class that has been specified to withstand the impact of 60 falls from 1.2m.

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The Denso BHT-800 series offers unparalleled scanning performance and comfort, meeting the needs of a wide variety of users.

Superior scanning performance is achieved through a newly-developed scanning engine, which enables reliable and high-speed scanning even for people unaccustomed to the work. Scanning can be carried out easily on order books with contiguous barcodes as well as on small and difficult-to-target shelf codes.

The Denso BHT800 offers a wide field of view for scanning – when scanning barcodes of differing widths, scanning is possible from a fixed distance without the need to pull back or move in on the target codes. In addition, a wide range of barcode symbologies is supported, including space-saving GS1 DataBar barcodes.

When scanning barcodes in quick succession for inspections and the like, barcodes can be scanned at high-speed while maintaining a good tempo. As well as eliminating the stress associated with scanning like never before, this allows reduced work times to be achieved.

Difficult-to-read barcodes that have deteriorated due to chaffing or peeling can be smoothly scanned.

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